Race, Justice, Power Undergraduate Conference

2nd Annual RACE, JUSTICE, POWER Undergraduate Conference – February 23, 2024 SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 1, 2023



Call For Proposals:

The UWM Honors Equity Team invites all UWM undergraduate students to submit proposals for its second annual “Race, Justice, Power” conference to be held on Friday, February 23, 2024. This conference will highlight student explorations and experiences of race and racism, and how these intersect with other asymmetries of power.

Below are some ways in which you can think about the theme. Participants are encouraged to think beyond these prompts and engage with the conference theme as creatively as they wish.

  1. How does racism influence our social institutions (such as education, governance, policing, the workforce, etc.)?
  2. What role does racism play in our cultural practices (such as social media, consumerism, business practices, wealth distribution, etc.)?
  3. How does race intersect with other identities (such as queerness, neurodiversity, religious affiliation, immigration status, disability, etc.)?
  4. How are our personal histories entangled with the political? What stories should we listen to more closely to enact change?
  5. How do we practice antiracism in small and large ways? How are issues of race connected to other issues of justice, power, and equity?


We invite proposals for presentations from all disciplines and departments across the UWM campus. Students of all ethnic backgrounds and identities are welcome to submit to the conference. Submissions can range from the academic to the creative, including but not limited to: discipline-specific perspectives, personal narratives, short academic papers, poems or performance pieces, mixed media pieces, research-driven analyses, and more.

No matter your topic or genre, please include in your submission: your name, your project’s tentative title, and a 300-word summary of your project’s purpose and main plans for achieving it. Email your submissions to honors-antiracism@uwm.edu by Friday, December 1, 2023 at 11:59pm CT. Please contact the same email address with any questions.


Projected timeline for conference preparation: 

Proposals due Nov 17, 2023
Accepted drafts due Jan 26, 2024
Drafts for in-person feedback due Feb 5-16, 2024
Slides/visuals due Feb 21, 2024
Conference date Feb 23, 2024


The Honors Equity Team is teaming up with UWM graduate students across various disciplines to provide feedback and mentorship for all undergraduate participants in the conference. Participants with accepted proposals can expect to receive helpful communication throughout the drafting process, as well as coaching on their presentations.


Speakers and Presentations from the 2023 Race, Justice, Power conference:

Adam Carr, Keynote: “MKE101: Interpreting Stories of Freedom in Milwaukee”

Onisha D, Ian S, Liz K: “Students for Fair Admissions vs. Harvard/UNC” (Click to view video) (Click to view proposal)

Alejandra G: “Mental Health or Locura” (Click to view proposal)

Samawia A.: “Islamophobia in America” (Click to view video)

Jo F: “Transcending Borders & Crossing Boundaries: Contemporary Hmong Gendered Politics”

Ronan C: “Do you see yourself on the T.V. screen? Do you see yourself in the magazine?: or, BIPOC Erasure, as Exemplified in Punk” (Click to view video) (Click to view proposal)

Maddi K: “Class not Race, Race not Class: Douglass, Dubois, and Critical Race Theory” (Click to view video)

Owen G: “How Race Affects The Death Penalty” (Click to view video)

MC’d by Mia Heredia, Equity Team Graduate Mentor and UW-Milwaukee’s Student Association President


Please contact honors-antiracism@uwm.edu with any questions.