Would you like to help support our activities to make the Honors College a more radically welcoming space?

Please consider making a gift to the Professor Debra Majeed Honors Scholarship to help address financial barriers for students of color enrolled in the Honors College.

Dr. Debra Majeed’s life is an example of compassion and courage. She inspires everyone around her to seek justice, to work for change, and to be their best selves, whether they are students, colleagues, friends, neighbors, or fellow members of our political community. In her words, “I want people to know I was here. I want to be engaged in activity that brings life, love, and education into other people’s lives. I want to leave something that makes the world a better place.” Our hope is that the recipients of this scholarship will embody her spirit and use their UWM education as a springboard for a life of meaning and purpose.