Student Involvement

The UWM Honors College seeks to be a radically welcoming space where all students, staff, and faculty can flourish and experience genuine belonging. We encourage all Honors students to participate in our antiracism efforts by joining the Honors Equity Team.

Honors Equity Team Opportunities: 

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Work with faculty and staff to help plan and carry out future events:


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From a current member of the Honors Equity Team:

“Working on this initiative has left a profound impact on how I view education and how I understand the experiences that different students may face throughout their schooling. Perhaps most important to me are the connections we have crafted with Milwaukee Public Schools, such as Pulaski and Riverside. These are bright students who would add incredible stories and vital viewpoints to UWM, particularly Honors, and so working closely with them to build their confidence in higher education is necessary for not only their growth, but ours as a community. Additionally, having a hand in planning the Antiracism Event Series has given me insight into the workings of the Honors community and has given me a voice in a space that is an integral part of my life. Through the planning, we achieve both the incremental betterment of the Honors College and the forging of new and lasting connections between students and professors. Being a part of this initiative has bridged a gap that I’ve felt deeply between myself and the Honors community as a first-generation student, and it gives me hope for a more welcoming and educated Honors.”  –Casey J.