Join the Equity Team

The Honors Equity Team and Antiracism Event Series seek to interrogate systems of oppression and our participation within them. By providing a variety of engaging and educational events that highlight the ways that pervasive racism affects BIPOC (Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color) at UWM and greater Milwaukee, we aim to contribute tools that each of us can use to be actively antiracist. We strive to uplift BIPOC voices and collaborate with campus partners to spread antiracism and inclusiveness throughout the community.

We are a vibrant group of students motivated by our mission, and we’d love for you to join us!

Opportunities to be involved with the Equity Team: 

  • Volunteer to visit and work with one of our Milwaukee area high school partners 

  • Volunteer to help plan and lead one of our summer camps 

  • Volunteer to help plan and run our upcoming “Race, Justice, Power” undergraduate conference to be held in February 2023 

  • Drop by one of our Coffee Circles to meet and chat with other Equity Team members, every other Thursday 5:30p–6:30p in the Honors House living room 

  • Stop into a “Let’s Talk About” drop-in discussion to have low stakes conversation about various antiracist topics, every other Wednesday 5:30p–6:30p in the Honors House living room 

  • Attend Equity Team-sponsored events  

  • Review the Honors Weekly Announcement email in students’ inboxes every Monday of the semester to learn about what the Equity Team is up to 

  • Contact faculty collaborators, Jill Budny ( and Lindsay Daigle ( 

  • Send an email to to ask questions or be added to our email list

From the Graduate Equity Team Lead, Mia Heredia:

“I think it’s important that we engage in antiracism in ways outside of reading the literature, as well as turn the inner work into intentional action. The Equity Team strives to do just that – engage in antiracism that fills the “small” gaps that UW-Milwaukee can directly impact. Whether it be through our relationships with our MPS partners, our monthly coffee circles, or the Antiracism Event Series, the Equity Team is committed to centering students of color and fostering community that we hope lessens the barriers that folks of color face as they pursue higher education.”


From a current member of the Honors Equity Team, Casey J:

“Working on this initiative has left a profound impact on how I view education and how I understand the experiences that different students may face throughout their schooling. Perhaps most important to me are the connections we have crafted with Milwaukee Public Schools, such as Pulaski and Riverside. Being a part of this initiative has bridged a gap that I’ve felt deeply between myself and the Honors community as a first-generation student, and it gives me hope for a more welcoming and educated Honors.”