Honors Housing

Thouchicagobeangh Honors housing is not required for Honors College students, those who choose the option have the opportunity to live in one of two different Living and Learning Communities (LLC), both housed in Sandburg Residence Hall. Honors housing is an option for students who are excited about learning, who love meeting new people, and who know they can learn as much from each other as from their professors.

The LLC’s provide students with a “community within a community”, grouping together students with similar interests. In the case of Honors LLC’s, they are designed to meet the needs of high achieving students from all majors across campus.

Honors House

basketball14The Honors House LLC is designed for our first year students, fostering friendship and support among Honors College students, faculty, and advisors; introducing students to critical and creative thinking and writing; and enabling students to thrive within the Honors College.


Honors House 2: The Second Year and Beyond

artmuseumThe Honors House 2 (HH2) is open to second year Honors students and beyond. Students enjoy the opportunity to continue their first year experience, although living in the first year Honors House is not required. Honors House 2 is open to any non-freshman Honors student.

Additional Honors Housing Information