Undergraduate Courses: Summer 2012

English 111: Entertainment Arts

Introduction to Film, TV and Digital Media
Gilberto M. Blasini
Online | First 4-Week Session

Entertainment Arts 111 offers a general introduction to the critical study of film, television, and new media. While examining each technology individually we will also work in a state of persistent comparison, endeavoring to comprehend media culture as a larger phenomenon. There are no prerequisites for this course and you are therefore not expected to have any prior knowledge of media studies. We will begin with the premise that film, television, and new media offer much more than “entertainment” and, accordingly, studying these forms is a serious undertaking requiring rigor and diligence.

More info: gblasini@uwm.edu

English 209: English in the United States

Patricia Mayes
Online | May 29 – Jun 23

Have you ever wondered how many varieties of American English there are? (Why use good morning, why not w@s up?) Have you ever wondered why we have different varieties of speech, or why it’s easy to tell a speaker from the south from a midwesterner? Is there really a standard spoken language, or are language standards only for writing? How do people perceive the different varieties and accents of American English, and what do people in other parts of the country think about the Wisconsin accent? (Is it really just about cheeseheads and bubblers?) What is the role of other languages in our changing multicultural society? And what do our ways of speaking say about our identities? (Are ya a Yooper, eh?) We’ll explore these and other questions in English 209. We’ll also investigate the future of our language: What’s the likely effect of new forms of technology and global communication? We’ll use short readings, discussion boards, and web sites like “Do You Speak American?” to look at these and other important issues affecting our evolving American speech patterns. y dont u sign ^ 2day!

English 209 satisfies Humanities GER credit. Note that this is a fully online course. You must have access to a computer and be able to access D2L to take this course.

More info: mayes@uwm.edu