Novotny, Maria

Assistant Professor


Michigan State University, May 2017 PhD: Rhetoric and Writing

Department of Writing, Rhetoric & American Cultures

Dissertation: “The ART of Infertility: A Community Project Rhetorically Conceiving Failed Fertility” Committee: Trixie Smith (Chair), Malea Powell, Julie Lindquist, Stuart Blythe & Dànielle N. DeVoss

Michigan State University, May 2013 MA: Critical Studies in Literacy & Pedagogy

Department of Writing, Rhetoric & American Cultures

Thesis: A Reflective Narrative (Praxis) Approach to Mapping the Landscape of Critical Pedagogy

 Marquette University, May 2009 BA: English (Writing-Intensive) Minor: French

Selected Publications:

Hawkins, Ames and Maria Novotny. (forthcoming, Spring 2020). Curation: A Multimodal Practice for Socially- Engaged Action. The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics.

Novotny, Maria, Lori Beth De Hertogh and Erin Frost. (forthcoming, Fall 2020). “Rhetorics of Reproductive Justice in Public and Civic Contexts.” Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service Learning.

Hutchinson, Les and Maria Novotny. (forthcoming, Fall 2021). Rhetorics of Data: Collection, Consent, & Critical Digital Literacies. Computers and Composition. 

Novotny, Maria and Dawn Opel. “Situating Care as Feminist Rhetorical Action in Two Community-Engaged Health Projects.” Peitho (Manuscript accepted; forthcoming).

Novotny, Maria and Les Hutchinson. “Tracing a Future Lineage for OBOS: Reproductive Health Applications as a Text for Feminist Rhetorical Inquiry.” Peitho, special issue on “Rhetorical Pasts, Rhetorical Futures: Reflecting on the Legacy of Our Bodies, Ourselves and the Future of Feminist Health Literacy.” (Manuscript accepted; forthcoming).

Novotny, Maria and Les Hutchinson. “Data Our Bodies Tell: Towards Critical Feminist Action in Fertility and Period Tracking Applications.” Technical Communication Quarterly. (2019) Advance online publication.

Novotny, Maria (2019) "The ART of Infertility: Finding Friendship & Healing After Reproductive Loss," Survive & Thrive: A Journal for Medical Humanities and Narrative as Medicine: Vol. 4 : Iss. 1 , Article 19. Available at:

Molloy, Cathryn, Cristy Beemer, Jeffrey Bennet, Bryna Siegel Finer, Ann Green, Jenell Johnson, Molly Kessler, and Maria Novotny. “A Dialogue on the Methodological Affordances and Challenges of Researching Personal Health and Medical Topics.” Rhetoric of Health & Medicine 1(3-4) (2018): 349-371.

Hutchinson, Les and Maria Novotny. (2018). “Teaching a Critical Digital Literacy of Wearables: A Feminist Surveillance as Care Pedagogy.” Computers & Composition special issue: Wearable Technology, Ubiquitous Computing, and Immersive Experience: Implications for Writing Studies. Available at:

*Novotny, Maria and John Gagnon. "Research as Care: A Shared Ownership Approach to Rhetorical Research in Trauma Communities." Reflections: Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing and Service Learning. Vol. 18, No.1 (Spring/Summer 2018).

Novotny, Maria. “Craft as a Memorializing Rhetoric.” (2015). Harlot, Crafting and DIY Rhetorics Special Issue. Available:

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