Andrew Martin

Associate Professor Emeritus


PhD, American Studies & English, University of Iowa, 1987
MA, American Studies & English, University of Iowa, 1985
MA, American History, UC-Santa Barbara, 1982
BA, English & American Studies, University of Sussex, 1980

Teaching Interests

Introduction to Film Studies
Science Fiction
British Cinema
Classical and Contemporary Film Theory and Criticism
American Literature-late 19th Century and 20th Century
American Literature from late 19th Century to 1930s
Realism, Naturalism, and American Modernism
Theories of Media Culture
Cultural Studies

Recent Publications

. Rethinking Global Security: Media, Popular Culture, and the 'War on Terror' Ed. Martin, Andrew V., and Petro, Patrice S. Rutgers University Press. 2006: 256
Martin, Andrew V. Receptions of War: Vietnam in American Culture University of Oklahoma Press. 1993.

Articles and Reviews in such journals as Contemporary Literature, Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Social Text, Discourse, East-West Film Journal, Focus.