Kennedy, Gwynne

Associate Professor


PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Teaching Interests:

Early Modern Literature
Women Writers
Feminist Theories
Theories of Emotion
Women's and Gender Studies

Other Relevant Activities:

Director of Women’s Studies Program (2006-2013)

Selected Publications:

Bach, Rebecca Ann and Gwynne Kennedy, ed. Feminisms and Early Modern Texts: Essays for Phyllis Rackin (Susquehanna UP, 2010).

Kennedy, Gwynne A. “Gender and the Pleasures of Revenge” in Feminisms and Early Modern Texts: Essays for Phyllis Rackin (Susquehanna UP, 2010).

Kennedy, Gwynne A. “Early Modern Women Writing Race.” In Teaching Tudor and Stuart Women Writers. Ed. Woods, Suzanne, and Hannay, Margaret P. (2000).
Kennedy, Gwynne A., Barrett-Graves, Debra, Carney, Jo, Levin, Carole, Spellman, W. M., and Witham, Stephanie. Extraordinary Women of the Medieval and Renaissance World. Greenwood Press, 2000.
Kennedy, Gwynne A. Just Anger: Representing Women’s Anger in Early Modern England. Southern Illinois UP, 2000.
Kennedy, Gwynne A. “Reform or Rebellion?: The Limits of Female Authority in Elizabeth Cary's History of Edward II.” Political Rhetoric, Power, and Renaissance Women. Ed. Levin, Carole. SUNY Press, (1995).
Kennedy, Gwynne A. “Lessons of the 'schole of wifedome.” Sexuality and Politics in Renaissance Drama. Ed. Levin, Carole, and Robertson, Karen. Mellen Press, (1991).