PhD, Speech Communication (University of Texas-Austin; 1986)
MA, Applied Philosophy (Bowling Green State University; 1982)
BA, Philosophy (Bowling Green State University; 1980)
William Keith CV


My current research focuses on the role of rhetoric and communication in public deliberation, with a focus on the intellectual and pedagogical history of the speech communication field.

Courses Taught:

Commun 103: Public Speaking
Commun 435: Classical Rhetoric
Commun 762: Argumentation in Theory and Practice
Commun 862: Public Deliberation
Commun 900: Philosophy and Practice of Communication
English 750: Classical Rhetoric

Selective Publications:

Graham, Scott, Kim, Sang-Yeon, DeVasto, D, and Keith, William M. “Statistical genre analysis: Toward big data methodologies in technical communication.” Technical Communication Quarterly 24. (2015): 70-104.
Keith, William M., and Danisch, Robert. “Dewey on Science, Deliberation and the Sociology of Rhetoric.” Trained Capacities: John Dewey, Rhetoric, and Democratic Culture. Ed. Brian Jackson and Greg Clark. University of South Carolina Press, (2014): 27-46.
Keith, William M. “Façonnant une Public Deliberant: Les “Forums” comme le Education Civique dans les Etats-Unis.” La démocratie participative: Histoire et généalogie. Ed. Marie-Helene Bacque et Yves Sintomer. La Decouverte, (2011): 210-227.
Keith, William M. “Creating Citizens Through Communication: Education and Deliberation in Government Accountability.” Public Opinion and Accountability: From Inertia to Public Action. The World Bank, (2011): 215-233.
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Keith, William M. “On the Origins of Speech as a Discipline: James A. Winans and Public Speaking as Practical Democracy.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 38. (2008): 1-19.
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