David Clark

Associate Professor


PhD, Rhetoric and Professional Communication, Iowa State University, 2001
MA, English Literary Studies, Iowa State University, 1995

Areas of Research and Teaching

Technical Writing
Content Management
Document and Information Design
Information Architecture
Rhetoric of Technology
Social Networking
Writing Pedagogy

Other Relevant Activities

Designing and coding data-driven websites. Developing and implementing technical writing courses in alternative settings using a wide range of pedagogical tools.

Recent Publications

Clark, David P. “Teaching Content Strategy in Professional and Technical Communication.” Teaching Professional and Technical Communication: A Practicum in a Book. Utah State University Press, (2018): 58-71.

Clark, David P. “Content Strategy: An Integrative Literature Review.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 59.1 (2016): 7-23.

Tatiana, Batova, Daniel, Card, and Clark, David P. Challenges of Lean Customer Discovery as Invention. IEEE Proceedings of the International Professional Communication Conference, 2016.

Batova, Tatiana, and Clark, David P. “The Complexities of Globalized Content Management.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication 29.2 (2015): 221-235.

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