Making a Difference in the Milwaukee Community

This past weekend, our volunteer coordinator, Sophie, rallied a small group of our students to help out around the Milwaukee community close to campus. These students were brave souls, conquering the cold early in the morning on a Saturday!

English Language Academy students stand for a group photo with our volunteer coordinator, Sophie (far right), after finishing up for the day.

Students helped rake leaves, clear snow, and clear trash, among other things, at local homes surrounding the UWM campus as part of the Make a Difference Day. The Making a Difference Day is held every year. This year, the UWM community reached out to elderly locals that needed help with some yard work.

We have been offering volunteer opportunities for our students for years, and we hope to continue expanding our volunteer programs so that our students can continue to improve their English in real-world contexts, get involved in the community, and have fun while they are at it!

If you have any questions about our volunteer programs or have a volunteer opportunity for our students, contact our volunteer coordinator, Sophie Keehan at