Center for Student Involvement

Jennie Klumpp, CEAS Senior Academic Advisor

Michelle Boehm, CEAS Marketing Specialist & Event Coordinator

How your student organization can reach more people:

Here are some ways to let more people know about your org and what you are all about:

  1. Develop a website or social media page to share news about what your club is doing and who is a part of it.
  2. Create a short video about who your club is, what you do and why someone would benefit from joining you.
  3. Talk to Jennie Klumpp about including information about your student org in the weekly student announcements.
  4. Make a social post for our CEAS account. You could use this to promote your student org or an upcoming event. Contact Michelle Boehm at least one week in advance.
  5. Host a table at the Party on the Plaza in fall when students are back. Have volunteers and info about what you do, when you meet and why people should get involved.
  6. Host a table at an EMS Open House. There are several days during the year when students, alumni and guests that visit the EMS building such as Post-Panther Prowl, Doors Open Milwaukee, Wisconsin Science Olympiad, MEET Milwaukee and more. You can explain what you do and why, and maybe even fundraise along the way. Contact Michelle Boehm for more information.

CEAS Event Calendar

Let us know if you would like to add a student org event to the calendar.