Upon graduation, undergraduate and graduate students from the UWM College of Engineering & Applied Science are invited to participate in the Order of the Engineer, a recognition ceremony dedicated to upholding the standards and dignity of the engineering profession.

Not every college or university holds this event. Our college leadership has been hosting the Order of the Engineer at the end of each semester (typically the day before commencement) since 1995, as a way to foster a spirit of pride and responsibility in the engineering profession. Participating graduates are presented with an official certificate and given a stainless-steel ring to be worn on the fifth (pinky) finger of their working hand.

The ceremony includes a creed similar to the oath attributed to Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) that is generally taken by medical graduates and which sets forth an ethical code.

The Order of the Engineer is guided by a national board of governors, with ceremonies held in colleges and universities with engineering curricula in all 50 states and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. For more information about the organization, click here.

There is no charge to participate in the Order of the Engineer, however, registration is required. Graduating students will receive an invitation during the semester before graduation. Contact ceas-events@uwm.edu for more information.