Student Appeal Procedure

Academic departments hear complaints, grievances, and appeals related to academic matters. This may include adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses as well as grade appeals and complaints about courses. Procedures for these issues are set by the School or College, unless they involve allegations of academic dishonesty outlined in UWS Chapter 14.

If you have a concern within your academic department, please contact the department chair from the appropriate College of Engineering & Applied Science department.

Undergraduate Appeal Procedure

A student who feels that a grade received, or other academic action is based on a capricious or arbitrary decision of a faculty member or instructor should consult with that person as soon as possible to attempt to resolve the issue, but not later than 30 days after the action that prompted the grievance/appeal.

Step 1: Formal Appeal – Filing of a Written Report by the Student and Mediation by Department Chairperson

If this meeting does not produce a result that is satisfactory to the concerned parties the student may file, within 10 working days, a written report of the problem with the chairperson of the appropriate department. The written report should contain as much supporting data and/or evidence as is reasonably available. The department chairperson will arrange a mediation meeting with the principal parties involved in an attempt to solve the grievance. This meeting should occur within 10 working days of receipt of the written report.

Step 2: Failure to Produce Satisfactory Results (Scholastic Appeals Committee)

If the mediation process fails to produce a result that is satisfactory to the concerned parties, the student may request that the problem be transmitted, within 5 working days, to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The Associate Dean will refer the appeal to the Scholastic Appeals Committee which will dispense with the grievance in accordance with its rules and regulations. This appeal must be in writing with substantiating reasons given for the appeal.  The student may reuse the appeal document from Step 1 or may provide an updated document. In the event that any of the members of the SAC were involved in rendering the Step 1 decision being appealed, they must be replaced for the purpose of hearing the Step 2 appeal. The Associate Dean and the Scholastic Appeals Committee have 10 working days to complete the review and notify all concerned parties.

Step 3: Final Appeal (Dean or Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)

Any further appeal by the student or the instructor shall be directed to the Dean of the College. The Dean shall seek the advice of the appropriate department before making a final decision. After such consultation, the Dean has the final authority to alter a grade or resolve other academic issues.  The Dean may delegate the handling of this final appeal to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

For additional information regarding undergraduate appeals, please contact Todd Johnson, Assistant Dean of Student Services.

Graduate Appeal Procedure

For additional information regarding graduate appeals, visit the Graduate School Academic Appeals Procedure page or contact Therese Crary.