UWM students have a wealth of resources available to them within the College of Engineering & Applied Science.

Computer Labs

The College of Engineering & Applied Science has two printing stations and five computer labs specifically for engineering and computer science students when classes are not being held there. All computer labs have desktop PCs with MS windows 10 and over fifteen gigabytes of applications, including ProEngineer, ANSYS and AutoCad.

  • EMS E256 (24 PCs)
  • EMS 270 (30 PCs + printing)
  • EMS 285 (24 PCs)
  • EMS W220 (24 PCs)
  • EMS E384 (50 PCs + printing)


Experimentation Lab

The Experimentation Lab offers students the opportunity to learn how to apply experimental techniques and tools to measure fundamental variables, and then to effectively communicate the results. Students apply their knowledge to design an experiment for a final project where they propose, plan, design, conduct, and formally report their results. Industry sponsored projects are regularly incorporated into the final project selection.

Heat Transfer Lab

The Heat Transfer Lab provides the opportunity for students to conduct specific experiments that are designed to reinforce and demonstrate thermal measurement principles. The lab is equipped with modular data acquisition systems used to gather data from a variety of instruments.

How Things Work Lab

Specific to freshmen experiments and students outside of the College of Engineering & Applied Science, the How Things Work Lab teaches students concepts that will carry through their undergraduate career. The lab provides topical introduction of technology including automobiles, computers, telephone, radio, television, etc. It allows students to gain experience that will help in their academic career but also when looking for a job.

Intro to Controls Lab

In the Intro to Controls Lab students use computer-operated equipment to build time/frequency-based feedback control systems. Data gathered from the equipment, which includes amplifiers and input/output transducers, is then compared to theoretical expectations, illustrating and reinforcing the concepts learned in the coursework.

Kulwicki Garage

A thinker space on the first floor of the EMS building encourages collaboration and innovation, paying homage to UWM alumnus and NASCAR Hall of Fame member Alan Kulwicki (’77, BS Mechanical Engineering), who became the first university graduate to earn NASCAR’s coveted Winston Cup. He considered his engineering background key to his legendary racing success. Learn more.

Machine Shop

A hands-on facility located in EMS W290 with state-of-the-art manual and computer-assisted equipment and machine tools used in industry. The Machine Shop is used by research professors, outside companies and students in ME110, ME111 and ME350. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:30 am – 3 pm during the school year, and 8:30 am – 2 pm during the summer. Training and certification are required to use the tools and equipment. Questions? Contact Machine Shop Manager Michael Brown at mikbrown@uwm.edu or 414-229-5178 or 262-899-0604 (cell) during open hours.


Dream it? Here’s where you can do it–and make your ideas reality. Imagine collaborating with fellow students to design, develop, and build a prototype of a start-up product here. Or fabricating parts to prove out your engineering design. Perhaps using Makerspace resources to complete a course project.  All students from the college are welcome to use this space.

Mechatronics Lab

Elevators. Drones. Robotic arms. Even your dishwasher. These are a few examples of mechatronic systems in action. In the Mechatronics Lab you will gain hands-on experience designing, building, and testing mechatronic systems, including sensors, actuators, and a microcontroller that you’ve programmed.

Student Machine Shop

Open to all students of CEAS who have completed the required safety training. It is managed by CEAS Machine Shop manager Mike Brown. The staff: Student technician Angelo Gampetroni , CEAS lead instrument maker Bob Breske and instrument makers Jake Ehleiter and John Condon.  The hours of operation during the school year are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, with clean up between 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Contact information Machine shop number 414-229-5178 and Mike Brown cell 262-899-0604

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center offers online and in-person group tutoring for College of Engineering & Applied Science students in Engineering, Computer Science, Math and Physics courses. The Center also provides dedicated mentoring to all first-year students as well as on-demand mentoring for all other students from our college. The space is also open to students from our college to form study groups, work on group projects, and complete homework alongside other students, mentors, and tutors.