Update on Printing at UWM

Effective 8/24/2020, all WEPA print stations are again available to the campus community in most locations. 

WEPA has also released a touch free solution, to allow students to pay for and release print jobs from their computer or cellular device.  For more information on WEPA’s touchfree solution please visit https://support.wepanow.com/express/

Ways to Upload

Access your Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and other accounts at any wepa print station to print your files.
Download wepanow.com/printapp, open your document, choose “File>Print” and select your preferred wepa printer.
Login at wepanow.com/webupload, select your documents and “send to wepa.”
Using your school email account,
email your documents to print@wepanow.com.
Download the “wepaPrint” app and follow the instructions.
Insert your USB drive at any wepa print station.

Payment Methods & Printing Costs

Payment Methods

$2.00 service fee for online PantherCard (Student ID) account deposits.

$0.40 fee for Debit/Credit use, waived with $5.00 min Wēpa account deposit.

Printing Costs

Black & White

  • $0.17 Mono Letter Simplex
  • $0.33 Mono Letter Duplex


  • $0.89 Color Letter Simplex
  • $1.85 Color Letter Duplex

High Resolution Tabloid (11″ x 17″)

  • $0.28 Mono Tabloid Simplex
  • $0.43 Mono Tabloid Duplex
  • $1.13 Color Tabloid Simplex
  • $2.03 Color Tabloid Duplex

All color print stations can print in both color and black & white – at no additional cost.

Campus Wēpa Printers

Wēpa Status Table

PDF Station Locations

Wēpa Status Map

Help & Support

First Time Use Instructions

  1. Tap “Don’t have a PantherCard?” (Even if you have one).
  2. Select “I am a student.” (For anyone with an ePanther Account).
  3. Use your UWM Credentials to login with Wēpa.
  4. Release your job and pay for your prints.
  5. Swipe your PantherCard the next time you use Wēpa.
  6. If you do not have a PantherCard, click here to learn how to swipe any magnetic strip card to login.
  7. Use your UWM Account to print anywhere on campus!