Wēpa Print Away brings UWM the latest innovations in distributed printing services, as well as access to one of the most extensive- and reliable- cloud printing networks available.

Here you can find answers to some of the most prevalent questions seen by campus.

Wēpa Setup
Do I need to create an account with Wēpa before I use the printers?

  • You can log into Wēpanow.com/login to create an account before using the printers, however; you may also create an account with Wēpa automatically when you log in manually at any print station across campus.

How do I create a Wēpa account at the Print Station?

  • Your Wēpa account will be created after following these steps:
    1. Tap “Don’t have a PantherCard?” (Even if you have one).
    2. Select “I am a Student” (Even if you are not a student).
    3. Use your UWM credentials to login with Wēpa.
    4. Release your job, and pay for your prints.
    5. Swipe your PantherCard the next time you use Wēpa.
    6. If you do not have a PantherCard, continue manually logging in to Wēpa.
    7. Use your UWM account to print anywhere on campus!

How do I create a Wēpa account online?

  • Your Wēpa account will be created after following these steps:
    1. Click on this link to access the Wēpa login page:
    2. Click on the School drop-down, search for University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and click on it.
    3. Once you click on University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee you will be brought to the UWM 1Login page.
    4. Login using your ePanther credentials.
    5. Once you log in, Wēpa will instruct you to click on the blue prompt to continue. Click this to complete the login process.


What do I do if I encounter an error message?

  • Contact Wēpa’s Support lines at the following:
    • Phone: +1 (800)-675-7639
    • Email: Help@WēpaNow.com
    • Chat Support: @ support.WēpaNow.com
  • Or contact the UWM Help Desk for paper/toner replacement.

How do I upload my documents to Wēpa?

  • Cloud
    • Access your Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive account at any Wēpa print station to print your files.
  • Web
  • Traditional
    • One-time download: Wēpanow.com/printapp
      Open your document, choose “File>print” and select your preferred Wēpa printer.
  • Email
    • Using the email tied to your Wēpa account, email your documents to print@Wēpanow.com.
  • Mobile
    • Download the “Wēpa Print” app and follow the instructions.
  • USB
    • Insert your USB drive at any Wēpa print station.
  • How do I cancel a print job?
    • You have a final opt-out opportunity during the “print” stage of using Wēpa.
    • Cancel your print job, and your payment will automatically be refunded to your account.
Wēpa Financials
How much does it cost?

  • Black & White
    • $0.11 Mono Letter Simplex
    • $0.15 Mono Letter Duplex
  • Color
    • $0.31 Color Letter Simplex
    • $0.53 Color Letter Duplex
  • High Resolution Tabloid (11″ x 17″)
    • $0.28 Mono Tabloid Simplex
    • $0.43 Mono Tabloid Duplex
    • $1.13 Color Tabloid Simplex
    • $2.03 Color Tabloid Duplex
  • With continued use by the UWM community, the prices will decrease.

How do I add funds to my Wēpa account?

  • Add funds online
    • Log into your account at WēpaNow.com.
    • Select “deposit funds” from the “more options” tab.
    • Select the desired deposit amount at the top of the screen.
    • Provide Wēpa with the desired information and submit the payment.
  • Add funds at the Print Station
    • Log into the system
    • Choose your prints
    • Continue to the payment method
    • Swipe credit/debit card
    • Select the amount you would like to add to your account
    • Continue printing your document.
    • What does it mean to “Tag a Card”?
      • Like your PantherCard, you can use Credit/Debit cards to log into the Wēpa Print Stations. Find the three bars at the top of the screen at the print station, …

What if my debit card is an unaccepted form of payment to put funds into my Wēpa account?

  • All forms of ATM/debit cards work with Wēpa.

Can I pay with cash? What about credit/debit cards and my PantherCard?

  • To pay with cash, you must purchase a UWM gift card such as a Grind gift card.
  • Paying with a credit/debit card will cost an additional $.40 upcharge unless you put funds into your Wēpa account as well.
  • Your PantherCard will work!
  • Additionally, you have a Wēpa account as soon as you sign into a Print Station, so putting funds in your Wēpa account ensures you will always be able to print.

How can I figure out what I owe?

  • Wēpa will tell you, on screen, what you owe for each print job.

What happens to my Wēpa account funds after I graduate or leave the university?

  • You won’t lose that money. Contact Wēpa support representatives, and they will gladly refund your debit/credit card the remaining funds in your account!
Other Frequently Asked Questions
Can I scan documents with Wēpa?

  • There is currently one Wēpa Print Station with a scanner near room B10 in the West wing of the Golda Meir Library.

What happens if I can’t print my documents now? What happens to my print jobs?

  • Your documents will stay in your Wēpa Print queue for up to 6 days. Log in and print them out at any print station around campus before 6 days are up!

How do I find the closest print station to me?

  • The UWM Mobile app has a map of the print stations available to the public
  • Our web page has a map of the printer locations as well.
  • Walk around and find what works best for you and your classes.

What happens if my print gets messed up in the printer?

  • Contact Wēpa’s support team and they will send you a refund for your prints!


For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit Wepa’s FAQ page!