Malcolm X | Minister and Civil Rights Activist

Sunday February 21st marks 56 years since Malcolm X, one of the most notable figures of the US Civil Rights Movement, was assassinated. X, of Afro-Caribbean descent (his mother was Grenadian), was a Black Muslim minister and human rights activist who was well known for his strong stances in support of Black Nationalism and against racism. PBS has a lesson plan on X, including an introductory activity, a video and class discussion, and examining primary sources. This lesson plan is recommended for grades 3-7, 13+. There was another movement that ran parallel to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States at the time, the Black Power Movement. Similar movements took place across the world as well, including in the Caribbean. The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago has a blog post on the role of women in the nation’s own Black Power Movement, which can be found here.