Spring 2018 SURF Awards Announced

Congratulations to the Spring 2018 Support For Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) Award winners!

Spring 2018:
Leo Bohlmann (Alberto)
Meredith Frank (Steeber) 
Rebecca Holt (Rodriguez)
Loretha Jack (Young)

Rocio Cruz (Udvadia)
Kylee Groh (Rodriguez)
Majdulin Istiban (Udvadia)
Adrienne Skillman (Saffarini)
David Vogel (Rodriguez)
Heather Waters (Udvadia)

We would also like to congratulate Jessye Hale on being awarded the Senior Excellence in Research Award (SERA). Jessye has been involved in undergraduate research since 2015 and is currently working with Dr. Steeber to study myeloid derived suppressor cells in 4T1 breast cancer tumors.