Biological Sciences Research Symposium Awards

The Graduate Organization of Biological Sciences (GOBS), in conjunction with the Department of Biological Sciences, hosted the 2020 Biological Sciences Virtual Research Symposium. The symposium is designed to showcase our outstanding undergraduate and graduate students and their research in the department.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the symposium this year, and to the award-winners, Sierra Aguirre, Rachel Conrad, Augustin Deniaud, Sumona Dhara, Olivia Feagles, Karli Hess, Abigail Moore, Sara Saleh, Brielle Shortreed and Kane Stratman! The department is proud of all the great research going on in the department.

Explore the award-winning posters below, view all student posters on the Biological Sciences Research Symposium webpage, and explore all presentation abstracts in the GOBS Research Symposium booklet.