Accelerated Program Requirements


The Art History AGD will be jointly administered by the Department of Art History's Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) and Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). The DUS and DGS hold regular semesterly advising meetings with the Art History UG major and G cohorts. All tracking of internal requirements for the AGD will be done by the DUS and the DGS. The DUS and DGS will communicate all relevant information to potential and enrolled Art History AGD students. 

Students enrolled in the Art History Accelerated Graduate Degree (AGD) program will gain a comprehensive foundation in the discipline, complete an internship at an area arts institution and, in consultation with a faculty advisor, prepare a standard MA thesis or MA thesis exhibition with catalog. The AGD is designed for undergraduate students determined to pursue a career in academia or in the Art Museum / Gallery field. The AGD offers an opportunity to prepare more quickly for success at the doctoral level and to earn a credential (the MA) increasingly required by employers in the field of the arts writ large. While we do not expect that the program will contribute greatly to UG recruitment to UWM, we believe it will play an important role in retention. We emphasize to our UG majors early on the necessity of an MA degree to prepare for a future in the discipline or to compete for jobs in related fields. Many apply to our MA program for this reason. We intend to present the AGD to such majors as an opportunity to earn the MA at a lower cost with all the same curricular benefits of our standard MA curriculum. The program will be advertised through traditional advising, our departmental website and twitter account, and other digital media platforms. We also intend to explore advertising on the website of the College Art Association and American Association of Museums.

Advancement to Major/Admission

Undergraduate Requirements

Interested students must meet with an academic advisor to determine eligibility for the accelerated graduate degree. To be permitted to enroll in courses at the graduate (“G”) level during a student’s junior year with the intention of forward sharing those courses toward the master’s degree the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Have declared the major in Art History
  • Have a UWM cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher
  • On schedule to complete all GERs and 105 credits by the end of the junior year

Graduate Admissions Requirements

Admission to the Graduate School and the graduate phase of the accelerated Art History program will be selective and occur in January of the junior year. Students should apply by January 15th to be considered for funding and priority registration. To be considered for admission to the graduate phase students must meet the following requirements:

  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher
  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably from UWM Art History faculty

Students who are not selected for the graduate phase of the program may complete the BA with a major in Art History.

Double Counted Courses

This accelerated graduate degree involves the following bachelor’s and master’s degrees: Art History BA and Art History MA. There are 6 forward shared credits and 15 backward shared credits for a total of 21 shared credits.

Eligible Forward Shared Courses

Courses must be taken at the graduate (G) level and will count toward the Art History MA as well as fulfill the Art History BA undergraduate requirement.

Courses approved for forward shared credit
ARTHIST 307GFilm Directors:3
ARTHIST 308GFilm Styles:3
ARTHIST 312GMinoan and Mycenaean Art and Archaeology3
ARTHIST 313GGreek Art and Archaeology3
ARTHIST 314GArt and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East3
ARTHIST 315GArt and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt3
ARTHIST 316GRoman Art and Archaeology3
ARTHIST 324GEarly Christian and Byzantine Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 325GEarly Medieval Art in the West3
ARTHIST 327GCaliphs, Emirs, & Kings: Art & Architecture of Medieval Spain3
ARTHIST 329GLate Medieval Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 333GHigh Renaissance Art in Italy3
ARTHIST 341GArt of the Dutch Golden Age3
ARTHIST 342GArt and Society in Renaissance Florence3
ARTHIST 343GArt and Culture of Spain and Latin America, 1500-17503
ARTHIST 349GAmerican Postmodernism 1960-20003
ARTHIST 353GAmerican Art: Colonial Period - 18703
ARTHIST 354GAmerican Art: 1870 - Present3
ARTHIST 355GAmerican Folk Art3
ARTHIST 357GRococo to Revolution: European Art, 1750-18503
ARTHIST 358GRealism to Post-Impressionism: European Art, 1850-19003
ARTHIST 364GModernism and the Avant-Garde, 1900-19603
ARTHIST 365GHistory of Photography3
ARTHIST 366GGerman Painting, 1800-19333
ARTHIST 367GLatin American Modernisms3
ARTHIST 368GHistory of Modern Design3
ARTHIST 369GIntroduction to Contemporary Art3
ARTHIST 370GTrends in Contemporary Architecture3
ARTHIST 371GAfrican Art3
ARTHIST 372GArt of the Inca and their Ancestors3
ARTHIST 373GArt of Ancient Mexico and Central America3
ARTHIST 375GArt of the Aztec Empire3
ARTHIST 382GChinese Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 383GJapanese Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 384GArt and Immortality in Ancient China3
ARTHIST 386GArt, Ritual, and Ethnicity of China3
ARTHIST 387GBuddhist Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 412GCities and Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece3
ARTHIST 413GGreek Sculpture3
ARTHIST 431GRenaissance Architecture in Italy3
ARTHIST 447GTopics in Early Modern Art:3
ARTHIST 458GA Comparative History of Architecture and Urbanism:3
ARTHIST 462GFrank Lloyd Wright3
ARTHIST 463GCubism and its Inheritance3
ARTHIST 465GDada and Surrealist Art3
ARTHIST 469GAmerican Artists Revealed:3
ARTHIST 470GTopics in American Art:3
ARTHIST 474GMaya Art3
ARTHIST 481GTopics in Chinese Art:1-3
ARTHIST 482GTopics in Non-Western Art:3
ARTHIST 497GStudy Abroad:1-12
ARTHIST 603GThe Art Museum: History, Theory, Practice3

Eligible Backward Shared Courses

The following courses may be used to fulfill College of Letters & Sciences (L&S) electives for the undergraduate degree.

Courses approved for backward shared credit
ARTHIST 703Introduction to Art Museum Studies I3
ARTHIST 704Introduction to Art Museum Studies II3
ARTHIST 710Colloquium in Ancient Art and Archaeology: 13
ARTHIST 720Colloquium in Medieval Art/Architecture: 23
ARTHIST 730Colloquium in Renaissance/Baroque Art/Architecture: 33
ARTHIST 740Colloquium in Latin American Art: 43
ARTHIST 750Colloquium in American Art: 53
ARTHIST 760Colloquium in Modern Art/Architecture: 53
ARTHIST 761Colloquium in Film History, Theory, Criticism: 63
ARTHIST 770Colloquium in Non-Western Art: 43
ARTHIST 891Art Museum Internship 73

Fulfills UG Ancient requirement. Fulfills G Ancient/Medieval.


Fulfills UG Medieval requirement. Fulfills G Ancient/Medieval.


Fulfills UG Renaissance-Baroque requirement. Fulfills G Renaissance-Baroque.


Fulfills UG Non-Western requirement. Fulfills G Non-Western.


Fulfills UG 19th-20th Century requirement. Fulfills G Modern/Contemporary.


Fulfills UG Film requirement. Fulfills G Modern/Contemporary.


Fulfills UG Internship (ARTHIST 691) requirement.