Lawrence R. Hoey Memorial Essay Prize

The Lawrence R. Hoey Memorial Essay Prize was established in 2000 – 2001 in honor of Professor Lawrence R. Hoey who taught in the Department of Art History from 1981 to 2000. Each academic year the Department recognizes an outstanding essay written by a graduate student in the Department of Art History on a topic related to art or architectural history.

Each year the name of the winner is added to a commemorative plaque that hangs in the department office. The winner is invited to present the paper to the Department faculty, students and the Friends of Art History.

Criteria for Selection:

  1. Papers may be written for any class taken for graduate credit including seminars, colloquiums, lecture courses, independent research or thesis research.
  2. Papers may be on any topic related to art or architectural history from any period of geographic area.
  3. Papers should be well-written, appropriately documented and contain evidence of original thought.
  4. No student will be eligible to receive the prize more than once.


Guidelines for Submission and Selection:

  1. Faculty will nominate excellent papers written by Art History graduate students in their classes during the academic year in which the prize will be given.
  2. For each paper nominated, faculty members will submit a clean copy (obtained from the student) and a cover letter explaining why they think the paper is worthy of consideration.
  3. Faculty will review the nominated papers and letters of nomination and vote for the best paper. The prize will be awarded to the paper receiving a majority of the faculty votes.
  4. Students who have been asked for a copy of their paper must have a completed profile on file in the UWM Scholarship Portal. Access the portal at Students who previously created a profile should update their information at the time they are asked for a copy of their paper.
  5. The Hoey Prize will be awarded during the Spring semester following the academic year in which the paper is nominated.


Hoey Prize Winners:

2001 – Liz Flaig

2002 – Larry M. Taylor

2003 – Nicole Derenne

2004 – Karon Winzenz

2005 – Eleanore Etzler
The Simultaneous Fashions of Sonia Delaunay
Nominated by: Jeffrey R. Hayes?

2006 – Melody Maxted
Velázquez: The Art of Invention
Nominated by: Tanya Tiffany

2007 – Ashley Cook
Ritual and the Ruthwell Cross: Performance in the Ruthwell Community
Nominated by: Christina Maranci

2008 – Kate Negri
Saint Teresa of Avila: The Pen and the Sword
Nominated by: Tanya Tiffany

2009 – Kelly Brown
Power and Prestige: Silk Textiles of the Shang Dynasty and Warring State Period
Nominated by: Ying Wang

2010 – Aisha Motlani
Convivencia, Crusaders and Conversos: The Mutable Meanings of the Porta del Cordero
Nominated by: Richard Leson

2011 – Maria C. Blas-Perez
The Political Context Surrounding Newberry Ms. 56
Nominated by: Ying Wang

2012 – April Bernath
Marquis Yi of Zeng’s Tomb and Submission versus Autonomy with the State of Chu: Accordance with Ritual, Regional Style, and Music
Nominated by: Ying Wang

2013 – Mary Shurtz
CULTURAL EXCHANGES Meritocracy and Material Culture in the Tang Dynasty
Nominated by: Ying Wang

2014 – Emily Cornish
Luminism: Shedding Light on a Contested Iteration of the American Landscape
Nominated by: Linda Brazeau

2015 – Marianna Cecere
Knowledge and hubris: the Astronomers miniature in the Psalter of Blanche of Castile
Nominated by: Richard Leson

2016 – Abby Armstrong
Performance and/or Performativity in Yates Thompson 13: Constructing the Medieval Female Identity
Nominated by: Jennifer Johung

2018 – Kelsey Kuehn
The Space of Words: Rewriting the Narratives of Urban Space with Performance
Nominated by: Jennifer Johung