Media, Cinema and Digital Studies

The concentration in Media, Cinema and Digital Studies (Plan H) offers a flexible and individuated course of study for students interested in film studies, media, digital studies or popular culture. Students are encouraged to combine theory, history, analysis or digital textualities with explorations of new and developing global cultural practices, shifts in industry structures and technology, and developments in narrative and formal conventions.

Students in MCDS can build their own graduate curriculum at the MA and PhD levels, drawing from courses in film studies, television, media theory, cultural studies, critical theory, multi-media writing, art history, alternative textual production, digital studies, gaming, technology theory, history and more.

Contact Person

Professor Stuart Moulthrop

Curtin Hall 439

Affiliated Faculty

Thomas Haigh, Associate Professor of History
History of computing, media archaeology, science fiction and futurology, internet history, digital platforms

Jennifer Johung, Associate Professor of Art History
Digital culture, media art, performance studies

Elana Levine, Professor of Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies
Feminist media studies, television history, theory and criticism, media production studies, media audience studies

Thomas Malaby, Professor of Anthropology
Philosophy and social theory, performance and practice, game studies, anthropology of institutions

Michael Newman, Associate Professor of Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies
American cinema, television, video games, media history, theory, criticism