Haigh, Thomas



PhD, University of Pennsylvania
MA, University of Pennsylvania
MEng, University of Manchester
MSc, University of Manchester

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

History of Information Technology
Business History
History of Work
History of Technology
Media History

Selected Publications

Paju, Petri, and Haigh, Thomas D. IBM's Tiny Peripheral: Finland and the Tensions of Transnationality. Business History Review, (In Progress) .
Haigh, Thomas D., Priestley, Mark, and Rope, Crispin. ENIAC in Action: Making and Remaking the Modern Computer. 2016.
Paju, Petri, and Haigh, Thomas D. “IBM Rebuilds Europe: The Curious Case of the Transnational Typewriter.” Enterprise & Society 12.2 (2016): 265-300.
Mahoney, M. Histories of Computing. Ed. Haigh, Thomas D. Harvard University Press, 2011.
Haigh, Thomas D. “How Data Got its Base: Generalized Information Storage Software in the 1950s and 60s.” IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 31.4 (2009).
Haigh, Thomas D. “Inventing Information Systems: The Systems Men and the Computer.” Business History Review 75.1 (2001): 15-61.