students in classroom

We welcome auditors and the perspectives they add to course discussion! If you are interested in auditing a course, browse the UWM Schedule of Classes. Courses are open to auditors and nondegree students unless it states in the description that the course is not open to special students.

To enroll as an auditor, you must first apply for admission to the university. Wisconsin residents who are 60 or older by the start of the class or who are disabled can audit at no charge on a space-available basis. Information on how to apply and register as at 60+ or disabled auditor can be found on the UWM Admissions web site. Other auditors should apply as a non-degree student at and review the auditing fees.

UW System policy recognizes the instructor’s right to admit or exclude auditors. If the instructor admits auditors, the number of auditors who may be admitted is determined by the stated capacity of the course, not by the number of seats in the classroom.