Diane Reddy

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D., Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, 1984

Key Areas of Interest

Self Regulation of Health Behavior
Adolescent & Women's Health Behavior and Communication
Health Promotion and Prevention
Science of Teaching and Learning

Research Interests:

The professional development of graduate students is a priority for me. Reflecting this, I have directed the doctoral research of 20 Ph.D.’s. These alumni went on to obtain research center directorships, distinguished postdoctoral fellowships, tenure-track faculty positions, high level corporate positions, clinical positions, and research and clinical positions at medical centers. I am interested in collaborating with students on research focused on health promotion and prevention especially in relation to the health of women, adolescents, racial and ethnic minorities, and economically disadvantaged individuals. Current projects include 1) Tailoring interventions to improve health and reduce health disparities, 2) Improving doctor-patient interactions and health communication, 3) Improving adolescent and women’s health, 4) Health promotion in work settings. I am also interested in the science of teaching and learning and have secured over $3 million in external funding for current research on the U-Pace instructional approach.

Selected Publications

Fleming, R. , Pedrick, L. , Stoiber, L. , Kienzler, S. , Fleming, R. R., & Reddy, D. M.(2018) Increasing undergraduate success: A randomized controlled trial of U-Pace instruction.under review in the Online Learning Journal.
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