Michael T. Hynan

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1974

Research Interests:

Stress reactions (such as post-traumatic stress disorder) in parents that have had their premature or full-term high-risk infant hospitalized in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Selected Publications

Hynan, M. T., Mounts, K. O. & Vanderbilt, D. (2013). Screening parents of high-risk infants for emotional distress: Rationale and recommendations. Journal of Perinatology, 33, 748-753.

Hall, S., Hynan, M., Phillips, R., Press, J., Kenner, C., & Ryan, D. J. (2015).  Development of program standards for psychosocial support of parents of infants admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit:  A national interdisciplinary consensus model. Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews, 15, 24-27.

Hall, S.L. & Hynan, M.T. (2015, guest editors). Interdisciplinary recommendations for the psychosocial support of NICU parents. Journal of Perinatology, 35, S1-S36.

Hynan, M.T., & Hall, S.L. (2015). Introduction: Psychosocial program standards for NICU parents. Journal of Perinatology. 35, S1-S4.

Hynan, M.T., Steinberg, Z., Baker, L., Geller, P.A., Lassen, S., Milford, C., Mounts, K.O., Patterson, C., Saxton, S., Segre, L., Steube, A. (2015). Recommendations for mental health professionals in the NICU. Journal of Perinatology, 35, S14-S18.

Hall, S.L., Phillips, R., & Hynan, M.T. (2016). Transforming NICU care to provide comprehensive family support. Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews, 16, 60-73.

Hynan, M.T. (2016). The transformation of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A father’s perspective over 36 years. Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews, 16, in press.