Dr. Lee received a CTSI Grant for the project on the development of a working memory training intervention for PTSD symptoms

Teaming up with excellent investigators, Dr. Sadie Larsen (PI), Dr. Chris Larson (Co-I), and Dr. Caron Dean-Bernhoft (Co-I), Dr. Lee (PI) obtained a CTSI Pilot and Collaborative Clinical and Translational Research Grant, in order to examine the clinical utility of a working memory-focused cognitive training program as a potential intervention for PTSD problems among veterans.

PTSD is characterized by recurrent intrusion of trauma-related memories and images that cause significant distress and impairment to the affected individuals. The specific objective is to examine whether computerized emotional working memory training can help improve working memory capabilities and reduce trauma-related emotional symptoms among individuals with elevated trauma-related symptoms. Participants will be guided to complete an average of 3 training sessions at home over the Internet every week for a total duration of approximately 5 weeks.

Pending successful outcomes, this study will provide important knowledge that will guide the future efforts to develop an effective, accessible, and cost-efficient intervention program that can reach out to many individuals who suffer from exposure to traumas.

For this research, the investigation team is actively recruiting veterans who are experiencing a high level of trauma-related symptoms. Below are part of the study entry criteria.

Inclusion criteria:

  1. Age between 18 and 60
  2. Fluently speaks English

Exclusion criteria:

  1. No access to a private computer with high speed internet that can be used privately.
  2. Elevated suicidality
  3. History of psychotic disorders
  4. Severe substance use disorder
  5. History of severe brain injury or organic mental syndrome.

Any interested individuals may contact, Dr. Sadie Larsen at 414-384-2000 (ext. 46727).