Ora John Reuter

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
 Bolton Hall 670



PhD, Emory University (Political Science)
MA, Emory University (Political Science)
BA, The University of the South – Sewanee (Political Science and Russian)

Undergraduate Syllabi
Graduate Syllabi

Research Interests

Comparative politics; comparative political institutions; comparative political economy; elections, democratization; political parties; bureaucracy; authoritarian regimes; Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Selected Publications

Buckley, Noah, Reuter, Ora John, Rochlitz, Michael, and Aisin, Anton. “Staying Out of Trouble: Criminal Cases Against Russian mayors” Comparative Political Studies ().
Reuter, Ora John E. “Civic Duty and Voting under Autocracy” Journal of Politics ().
Reuter, Ora John, and Beazer, Quintin. “Do Authoritarian Elections Help the Poor? Evidence from Russian Cities” Journal of Politics ().
Reuter, Ora John E., and Szakonyi, David. “Electoral Manipulation and Regime Support: Survey Evidence from Russia” World Politics 73.2 (2021).
Armstrong, David, Reuter, Ora John E., and Robertson, Graeme. “Getting the Opposition Together: Protest Coordination in Authoritarian Regimes” Post-Soviet Affairs 36.1 (2020).
Reuter, Ora John E., and Szakonyi, David. “Elite Defections under Autocracy: Evidence from Russia” American Political Science Review 113.2 (2019).
Frye, Timothy, Reuter, Ora John E., and Szakonyi, David. “Vote Brokers , Clientelist Appeals, and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Russia and Venezuela” World Politics 71.4 (2019).
Beazer, Quintin, and Reuter, Ora John E. “Who’s to Blame? Political Centralization and Electoral Punishment under Authoritarianism” Journal of Politics 81.2 (2019).
Frye, Timothy, Reuter, Ora John E., and Szakonyi, David. “Hitting Them with Carrots: Vote Buying and Voter Coercion in Russia”” British Journal of Political Science 49.3 (2019).
Reuter, Ora John E., and Buckley, Noah. “Performance Incentives under Autocracy: Evidence from Russia’s Regions” Comparative Politics 51.2 (2019).
Frye, Timothy, Gehlbach, Scott, Marquadt, Kyle, and Reuter, Ora John. “Is Putin’s Popularity Real?” Post-Soviet Affairs 33.1 (2017).
Reuter, Ora John E. The Origins of Dominant Parties: Building Authoritarian Institutions in Post-Soviet Russia Cambridge University Press. 2017.
Reuter, Ora John E., Buckley, Noah, Garifullina, Guzel, and Shubenkova, Alexandra. “Local Elections in Authoritarian Regimes: An Elite-Based Theory with Evidence from Russian Mayoral Elections”” Comparative Political Studies 49.5 (2016).
Reuter, Ora John E., and Robertson, Graeme. “Legislatures, Cooptation, and Social Protest in Contemporary Authoritarian Regimes” Journal of Politics 77.1 (2015).