Joel Rast

Professor & Director of Urban Studies
 Bolton Hall 626


PhD, University of Oregon
BA, University of California at Santa Cruz

Courses Taught

Origins of the Dual City Book

Teaching Interests

Urban Development/Redevelopment since World War II
Urban Politics
Environmental Politics
The Politics of Climate Change

Other Relevant Activities

Director, Urban Studies Programs
Director, Center for Economic Development

Selected Publications

Rast, Joel S. “Urban Political Development and the Social Construction of Interests: The Case of Chicago’s Dearborn Park.” Urban Affairs Review 58.5 (2022): 1207-1233.
Rast, Joel S. “Urban Regime Theory and the Problem of Change.” Urban Affairs Review 51.1 (2015): 138-149.
Rast, Joel S. “Why History (Still) Matters: Time and Temporality in Urban Political Analysis.” Urban Affairs Review 48.1 Ed. Clarke, Susan, and Pagano, Michael. (2012): 3-36.
Rast, Joel S. “Regime Building, Institution Building: Urban Renewal Policy in Chicago, 1946-1962.” Journal of Urban Affairs 31.2 (2009): 173-194.
Rast, Joel S. “Environmental Justice and the New Regionalism.” Journal of Planning Education and Research 25.3 (2006): 249-263.
Rast, Joel S. Remaking Chicago: The Political Origins of Urban Industrial Change. Northern Illinois University Press, 1999.