Donald Pienkos

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
M.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison
B.A., DePaul University

Teaching Interests

Teaches courses on “The Politics of the Soviet Union and Its Successor States,” “Politics of Eastern Europe,” and the Department’s course for the Cultural Diversity requirement, “‘Race, Religion and Ethnicity in American Politics.”

Courses Taught

  • PolSci 215 – Ethnicity, Religion and Race in American Politics
  • PolSci 302 – Politics of Eastern Europe
  • PolSci 310 – Politics of the Soviet Union and its Successor States

Awards and Recognition

Officer’s Cross of Merit from the President of Poland, November 2010

Selected Publications

Pienkos, Donald E. “Multiple entries” The Polish American Encyclopedia Ed. Pula, James, Biskupski, M.B.B., Galush, William E., Jaroszynska-Kirchmann, Anna D., Napierkowski, Thomas J., Pease, Neal, Pienkos, Donald E., Pula, Cheryl, and Radzilowski, John. McFarland Publishers. (2011).