Hong Min Park

Associate Professor
 Bolton Hall 666



PhD, Political Science, Washington University in St. Louis
MA, Political Science, Northwestern University
BA, Economics, Seoul National University

Research Interests

American political institutions, U.S. Congress, partisan politics, inter-branch politics
Quantitative methodology, non-cooperative game theory
Comparative legislatures (South Korea)

Courses Taught

  • PolSci 104 – Intro. to American Government and Politics
  • PolSci 426 – Congressional Politics

Selected Publications

Park, Hong Min, Smith, Steven S., and Vander Wielen, Ryan J. Politics Over Process: Partisan Conflict and Post-Passage Processes in the U.S. Congress. University of Michigan Press, 2017.
Park, Hong Min, and Smith, Steven S. “Partisanship, Sophistication, and Public Attitudes about Majority Rule and Minority Rights in Congress.” Legislative Studies Quarterly 41.4 (2016): 841-871.
Park, Hong Min. “Studying Rules Changes in the U.S. House: Evidence from an Alternative Empirical Model.” Congress and the Presidency 42.1 (2015): 28-49.
Smith, Steven S., and Park, Hong Min. “Americans’ Attitudes about the Senate Filibuster.” American Politics Research 41.5 (2013): 735-760.
Park, Hong Min. “Why does the Majority Party Bother to Have Minority Party Members on Committees?.” Journal of Theoretical Politics 24.2 (2012): 248-264.
Park, Hong Min, and Gill, Jeff. Bayesian Methods: A Social and Behavioral Sciences Approach, ANSWER KEY. Taylor & Francis, 2011.
Park, Hong Min, and Lee, Junhan. “The 17th National Assembly Election and Legislative Turnover.” Journal of Korean Politics 13.2 (2004): 167-187.
Park, Chan-Wook, and Park, Hong Min. “Relationship between the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch under the Presidency of Kim Dae-Jung.” Korean Journal of Legislative Studies 9.2 (2003): 131-160.