Kathleen Dolan

Distinguished Professor
 Bolton Hall 672


PhD, University of Maryland – College Park
Fields of Study – American Government and Political Behavior
MA, University of Maryland – College Park
BA, Providence College, Providence, R.I., Major: Political Science

Courses Taught

  • PolSci 104 – Intro. to American Government and Politics
  • PolSci 203 – Intro. to Political Science Research
  • PolSci 425 – Women in Politics
  • PolSci 700 – Scope and Methods of Political Science

Teaching Interests

American Government, Political Behavior, Women and Politics, Research Methods, Congress, Elections and Voting

Research Interests

Electoral Behavior, Women and Politics, Public Opinion, Political Participation, Legislative Politics, Survey Methodology.

Selected Publications

Dolan, Kathleen A. “The Variable Nature of the Gender Gap in Political Knowledge.” Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy 41. (2020): 127-143.
Dolan, Kathleen A. “Voter Sex, Party, and Gender-Salient Issues: Attitudes about Sexual Harassment and Brett Kavanaugh in the 2018 Elections.” American Politics Research 48. (2020): 532-542.
Dolan, Kathleen A., and Lynch, Timothy. “The Impact of Gender Stereotypes on Voting for Women Candidates by Level and Type of Office.” Politics & Gender. (2016).
Dolan, Kathleen A., and Lynch, Timothy. “Making the Connection: Attitudes about Women in Politics and Voting for Women Candidates.” Politics, Groups, and Identities. (2015).
Dolan, Kathleen A., and Lynch, Timothy. “It Takes a Survey: Understanding Gender Stereotypes, Abstract Attitudes, and Voting for Women Candidates.” American Politics Research 42. (2014): 656-676.
Dolan, Kathleen A. “Do Women and Men Know Different Things? Measuring Gender Differences in Political Knowledge.” Journal of Politics, Cambridge University Press 73. (2011): 1-11.
Dolan, Kathleen A., and Stokes-Brown, Tia. “Race, Gender, and Symbolic Representation: African American Female Candidates as Mobilizing Agents.” Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, & Parties, Routledge 20.3 (2010): 474-494.
Dolan, Kathleen A. “The Impact of Gender Stereotyped Evaluations on Support for Women Candidates.” Political Behavior 32. (2010): 69-88.
Dolan, Kathleen A. Voting for Women: How the Public Evaluates Women Candidates. Westview Press, 2004.