Mock Trial Moves To Political Science

We are pleased to annouce that UWM’s award-winning Mock Trial team will be moving to Political Science this fall! If you are interested in joining the team (for which you can receive course credit via the soon-to-be established Mock Trial Practicum), please contact Mr. Brad Bloch (, our esteemed coach! (For this fall, you’ll enroll in PolSci 299 and 499, entitled Ad Hoc: Practicum in Mock Trial I and II”. Beginning next spring, we’ll offer PolSci 268 and 468, “Practicum in Mock Trial I and II,” respectively (formally offered under Commun). Note that there will be a maximum number of credits you can take in each.)

Also of note, Mr. Bloch will be teaching an interesting course for us this fall for those students interested in Law Studies. Taught under “Problems in Law Studies” (PolSci 471), the course is “Legal Process from the Trial Lawyer’s Perspective,” and will be offered Monday evenings, at 6:30pm. This course will count toward the Law Studies Option as well as towards the American Politics area of the Major.