In December, 2022 the Office of Undergraduate Research announced 100 SURF Awards for the Spring Semester. Congratulations to all!

School of Architecture & Urban Planning 

  • Kaylee Bertrand and Jessica Dray working with James Wasley: “Creating In-Depth Case Studies of Green Building Data-Base Projects Visited in Germany, Spring 2022”  
  • John Cerny, Haren Patel and Payton Quesea working with Mania Taher: “New Immigrant Place-Making Within the Midwest American Built Landscape” 
  • Marina Fabela, Andrea Garcia-Rangel and Alicia Kandall working with Chelsea Wait: “DEBI Goes to Design School: Building a Resource to Sustain Underrepresented Students in Architecture with Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion” 
  • Andrew Tillman and Adam Uy working with Samantha Schuermann: “Architectural Activism Fellowship Research”  
  • Angel Xavier working with Yaidi Cancel Martinez: “Adequately Housed? Characteristics of Rental Housing for People with Disabilities: A Mixed Methods Study”

Peck School of the Arts 

  • Madeline Cawkins working with Joseph Mougel: “Paleosolotype: Imaging Soil through Chromatography”   
  • Majid Moosa Abdulla Al Afifi working with Sean Kafer: “The Brady Street Neighborhood Historical Project”  
  • Jack Westerlund working with Portia Cobb: “Voices of Gun Violence Archive”   

Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business 

  • Leyla Sutton working with Scott Schanke: “AI Agent Anthropomorphism and Sensitive Information Disclosure”

College of Engineering & Applied Science 

  • Nemanja Asanin working with Chanyeop Park: “Dual Active Bridge Converter for All-Electric Aircraft”  
  • Rachel Clark working with Xiaoli Ma: “Permeation Characteristics of Covalent Organic Framework Nanofiltration Membranes”
  • Braden Dickas working with Yin Wang: “Interaction between Minerals and Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances” 
  • Nicholas Gilhaus working with William Musinski: “Prediction of Residual Stresses in Additively Manufactured Materials” 
  • Jessica Heraly working with Qingsu Cheng: “In vitro Culture of Patient Derived Organoids”  
  • Mason Ihrke working with Krishna Pillai: “Developing a Next-Generation Prototype to Dispense Volatile Substances to Room Air” 
  • Radhika Joshi working with Mahsa Dabagh: “Impact of a Dressing on Promoting the Healing Process in a Chronic Wound”
  • Pilhwan Kim working with Mahsa Dabagh: “Segmentation of Patient-Specific Images”  
  • Thalia Manansala working with Jacob Rammer: “Assessing Inertial Measurement Unit Performance for Tracking Manual Wheelchair Propulsion”
  • Carol Martinez working with Benjamin Church: “Post-Oxidation Microstructure Changes in Inconel 625 Alloy”
  • Abhi Roop Reddy Tokala working with Pradeep Rohatgi: “Wetting and Physical Properties of Al-Ce Alloys”
  • Digvijay Singh Rathore working with Pradeep Rohatgi: “Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Manufacturing Metal Matrix Composites” 
  • Ian Smith working with William Musinski: “Development of High Temperature Milli-Scale Tensile Testing System” 
  • Vincent Swartz working with Krishna Pillai: “Exploring Thermal Methods to Enhance Liquid Imbibition in Wicks” 
  • Ashlyn Terasaki working with Mahsa Dabagh: “Cancer Cell Deformation under Local Microenvironment Condition” 
  • Jose Trujillo Parra working with Robert Cuzner: “Development of Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Robust Combat Power System Survivability” 
  • Jenna Van Hoogstraten working with William Musinski: “High Fidelity Microstructure-Sensitive Modeling of Advanced Materials”
  • James Veltri working with Pradeep Rohatgi: “Surface Alloying of Yellow Brass to Improve Corrosion Resistance”   
  • Michael Wilke working with William Musinski: “Simulation of Multi-Particle Deposition via Cold and Thermal Spray Additive Manufacturing Techniques”  

School of Freshwater Sciences 

  • Charles Carignan working with Dong Fang Deng: “Development of Practical Feed for Walleye Aquaculture” 
  • John Luke working with Laodong Guo: “Evaluating the Distribution of Phosphorus between Dissolved and Particulate Phases in the Milwaukee Harbor” 
  • Adam Mahsem working with Russell Cuhel: “Plankton Processes involving Diatom Resurgence in Southwestern Lake Michigan”  
  • Jacob Peterson working with Dong Fang Deng: “Nutrition Strategy to Improve Yellow Perch Production and Water Management”  
  • Daniel Wroblewski working with Dong Fang Deng: “Documentary Film of Yellow Perch Farming: from Eggs to Forks” 

College of Health Sciences 

  • Kryssi Morales working with Jing Yang: “Speech Characteristics of English Consonant Clusters Produced by Mandarin-Speaking English Learners” 
  • Jack Strey working with Elizabeth Liedhegner: “Characterization of Small Molecule Inhibitors to Sterol Carrier Protein 2”   

College of Letters & Science 

  • Batool Ali working with Marcellus Merritt: “How Self-Selected Leisure Activities Affect Daily Moods and Physical Activity” 
  • Jillian Cervantes working with Pamela Harris: “Enumerating Flattened Words with a Repeating Alphabet” 
  • Courtney Coon working with Lindsay McHenry: “Using Minerals from Cores to Reconstruct Pleistocene Lake Cycles in East Africa” 
  • Audrey Creary-De La Cruz working with Sharity Bassett: “Mapping Land History in Pine Ridge: A Pilot Project to Develop a Protocol for Collaborating with Tribal Communities on Land Research”  
  • Samantha Danczyk working with Shannon Freire: “Story Mapping the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery Project”  
  • Alessandra Ebben working with Caitlin Bowman: “Brain Aging and Memory Abilities”  
  • Reuben Fortier working with Arjun Saha: “Covalent Drug Discovery through Machine Learning”  
  • Ethan Frank working with Samantha Krueger: “Ojibwe Stories Refreshed” 
  • Maxwell Friedl working with Nicole Welk-Joerger: “Nourishing Trust: Mapping Food Journeys and the Collaborative Knowledge Creation (CKC) Process in Milwaukee”
  • Noah Geluk working with Anja Blecking: “Investigation of Student Experiences in a STEM Literacy Course”
  • Joshua Giese working with Xin Yu: “China in the Eyes of an American: Harrison Forman Diaries and Photographs” 
  • Alejandra Gonzalez working with Rachel Bloom-Pojar: “Cuentos de Confianza: A Public Humanities Project with Promotores de Salud”  
  • Ashley Hale working with Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece: “Researching on Film, Inc and a Forgotten Female Filmmaker”
  • Lillian Hassan-Thomas working with Adam Greenberg: “Chemotherapy Related Cognitive Decline” 
  • Harmony Henderson, Noah Kelly, and Hayley Thomson working with Rachael Jurek: “UWM IT Engagement”  
  • Melkisedec Hernandez working with Erin Parcell: “Voices of Gun Violence”
  • Gloria Jamerson and Kam Rabon working with Ermitte Saint Jacques: “Living for the City: The Black Middle Class in Milwaukee” 
  • Tara Johnson working with Julie Bowles: “A Paleomagnetic Conglomerate Test of the Late Paleozoic Ansilta Formation, Argentina”  
  • Elyza Koppa working with John Isbell: “Geochemical Proxies Using X-Ray Fluorescence and X-Ray Diffraction of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age Glacial Deposits in Brazil and Namibia”  
  • Jack Koshkin working with Jean Creighton: “Music for the Stars” 
  • Abigail LaChance, Taylor Rynish and Anissa Zaske working with Jean Hudson: “Preparation of Vertebrate Skeletons for Osteological Reference Collections” 
  • Andra Martin working with Krista Lisdahl: “Evaluating School-Level Risk and Protective Factors Related to Early Substance Use Patterns in the ABCD Study Cohort”
  • Rebekah Morici working with Robert Graziano: “Sand Identification, Characterization and Source Delineation of a Vast Collection of Sands From Around the World for Use as an Education and Outreach Tool in a Geology Museum” 
  • Kimberly Osborn working with Nicholas Silvaggi: “Cloning, Expression, Purification, and Crystallization of a Putative N-acetyltransferase from Streptomyces caelestis”
  • Jazmine Panganiban working with Bonita Klein-Tasman: “Play- and Humor-Infused Exposure Therapy with Children with Williams Syndrome” 
  • Samantha Peetz working with Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece: “Research on Global Films & Depictions of Hell” 
  • Adaline Powell working with Sara Pashak: “Detailing the Supreme Court’s Shadow Docket”  
  • Adrian Ralser working with Dyanna Czeck: “Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility across a Small-Scale Shear Zone, Southern Iberian Shear Zone” 
  • Abdullah Rauf working with David Frick: “NAD-Capped RNA in Metabolism”  
  • Kaitlyn Rhyner working with Erica Young: “Pitcher Plant Macronutrient Status over a Continental Gradient”
  • Brandon Roberts working with Lindsay McHenry: “Grain Size and Mineralogy Study of an East African Analog for Jezero Crater, Mars”
  • Ashley Rudser working with Patricia Mayes: “Laughter and Other Action Strategies in the Repair of Miscommunications in Augmentative and Alternative Communication”
  • Preston Ruh working with Hanyong Park: “Foreign Accent in Consonant Clusters – Part 3” 
  • Jungwoo Ryu working with Ahmed Kaffel: “Wavelet Algorithms for a High-Resolution Image Reconstruction in Magnetic Induction Tomography”  
  • Cole Schmidt working with Barry Cameron: “Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions Using Glaciovolcanism in Iceland”  
  • J Schneider working with Dyanna Czeck: “Microscopic Mineral Band Orientations in Metasedimentary Rocks along the Southern Iberian Shear Zone”  
  • Pilar Sharp working with Joseph Walzer: “Wisconsin Community Activism Now! Archive Project”  
  • David Shaw working with Emily Middleton: “Experimental Analysis of Fire Damage to Bone in Forensic Contexts” 
  • Rachel Stewart working with Shannon Freire: “Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery Project” 
  • Riley Thomas working with Jeffrey Karron: “Does the Quality of Buzz Pollination Influence Reproductive Success”
  • Tavi Veraldi working with Tami Williams: “Media Archive Activism: Collecting, Preserving and Exhibiting Historical and Amateur Media for Cultural Preservation and Transformation” 
  • Abigail Wampfler working with Krista Lisdahl: “The Association between Socioeconomic Status and Academic Performance in Children with Attention Deficit Activity Disorder” 
  • Sheyenne Wilson working with Joseph Walzer: “Whose Land? Settlement, Dispossession and Race in Urban and Rural Wisconsin and New York” 
  • Madeline Woller working with Barry Cameron: “Glaciovolcanism at North Sister Volcano in Central Oregon”  
  • Emma Xiong working with Jennifer Gutzman: “Analysis of Biomechanical Stresses during Zebrafish Brain Morphogenesis”   

College of Nursing 

  • Alejandra Martinez working with Jeana Holt: “Using a Clinical Database and Community Wisdom to Improve Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Infant Outcomes” 
  • Khetam Musleh working with Murad Taani: “Achieving Better Lung Health” 
  • Jon Niezgoda working with Sandeep Gopalakrishnan: “In-situ Autologous Whole Blood Clot Formation in Dermal Ulceration Using a Novel Wound Bed Stimulation Method for Accelerated Healing”   

Helen Bader School of Social Welfare 

  • Lizzie Adams working with Tina Freiburger: “Judicial Decision Making in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin”  

Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health 

  • Mahrukh Delawarzad and Manizha Nazari working with Rose Hennessy Garza: “Understanding the Perceptions and Needs of University Leadership for Campus Sexual Assault Prevention”  
  • Fridarose Hamad working with Linnea Laestadius: “Explorations of Youth and Technology” 
  • Erick Nicia working with Todd Miller: “Analysis of Microcystins in Caged and Wild Caught Tilapia from Lake Victoria, Kenya”