In December, 2021 the Office of Undergraduate Research announced 122 SURF Awards for the Spring Semester. Congratulations to all!

School of Architecture & Urban Planning

  • Larry Brown, Anastasia Wand, and Devan Whitehead working with Royce Earnest: “Leenhouts Exhibition: Celebrating Social and Environmental Engagement through Residential Design 
  • Franziska Burkard, Natalie Kuehl, and Jacob Rohan working with Lindsey Krug: “Mono-Poly-Dollar: Small Box Architecture and the Dollar Store Economy
  • Jessica Dray and Andres Velazquez working with James Wasley: “Expanding the Green Building Data Base to Northern Europe
  • Marina Fabela, Andrea Fernanda Mendoza Juarez, Jacob Rohan, and Megan Schulte working with Chelsea Wait: “Constructing Equitable Terrain: Exploring Issues of Equity and Inclusion in Architectural Education”
  • Sofia Lopez, Ian Luecht, and Madison Sabel working with Mo Zell: “Mobile Design Box Programming and Assessment”
  • Tannis Thompson-Catlett working with Arijit Sen: “Taking Back Our World: A Community Engaged Public Humanities Project”

Peck School of the Arts

  • Anna Galuppo and Mackenzie Savin working with Sean Kafer: “Community: Exploring Activism in Milwaukee with Vaun Mayes”
  • Nicki Gamroth and Zoe Garnett working with Maria Gillespie: “Parts of the Whole: Kinesthetic Education as Transformative Justice”
  • Tyler John working with Sean Kafer: “A History of Violence: The Story of Shawn Page”
  • Faith Rae and Kalista Roling working with Daniel Burkholder: “Visceral Technologies: Dancing in 360º”

College of Engineering & Applied Science

  • Telemachos Agoudemos working with Robert Balmer: “Experimental Research on Electrostatic Generation in Dielectric Liquids”
  • Telemachos Agoudemos working with Roshan Dsouza: “Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for Hemodynamic Analysis”
  • Cameron Ahles, Pranav Roy, and James Veltri working with Pradeep Rohatgi: “Infiltration of Mixture of Coarse Nickel Powder and Graphene by Molten Aluminum to Form Metal Graphene Composites”
  • Nada Almuallem working with Pradeep Rohatgi: “Biocompatiable Self-Healing Materials and Biological System Applications”
  • Nemanja Asanin working with Brian Armstrong: “Evaluation of Battery Charging Strategies for a Solar Sculpture”
  • Diego Avila working with Matthew Petering: “Investigating Labor Gap Response and Burnout in Organizational Networks”
  • Ted Banken working with Matthew Petering: “Treating America’s Gerrymandering Sickness: Computer Algorithms, Fairness Standards, and Data Analysis”
  • Samuel Catania working with Brian Armstrong: “Testing Tools for an Outdoor Solar Sculpture”
  • Rachel Clark working with Xiaoli Ma: “Permeation Characteristics of Neutral and Charged Solutes through Covalent Organic Framework Nanofiltration Membranes”
  • Samia El-Meanawy working with Pradeep Rohatgi: “Synthesis and Characterization of Al-Gr MMCs for Application of AI and Machine Learning Analysis”
  • Andrew Innerebner working with Hani Titi: “Testing and Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Freeze-Thaw”
  • Justin Langwinski, Jacob Mattioli, and Justin Quilapio working with Ryo Amano: “Industrial Energy Assessment Project”
  • Kelly McElvain working with Mahsa Dabagh: “Medical Devices”
  • Jameson Nedza working with Xuefeng Bao: “Computer Vision Techniques in Ultrasound Imaging”
  • Jordan Piontkowski working with Krishna Pillai: “Exploring Thermal and Ultrasound Methods to Enhance Liquid Imbibition and Evaporation in Wicks”
  • Marina Slawinski working with Priyatha Premnath: “Double Walled Microparticles to Enhance Bone Regeneration”
  • Vedant Tewari working with Pradeep Rohatgi: “Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Manufacturing Metal Matrix Composites”
  • Cole Wautlet working with Junjie Niu: “Developing Novel Adsorbents for Water Treatments”

School of Education

  • Leticia Cortes and Kintressa Gosz working with Leanne Evans: “Navigating Spaces in Higher Ed: Collaborating for the Inclusion of Underrepresented Voices in Teacher Education”
  • Amanda Crosby working with Christopher Lawson: “Learning about the Birds and the Trees: A Simple Intervention to Promote Conservationism in 4- To 10-Year-Olds”
  • Shreya Jain working with Tania Habeck: “Chemistry Literacy Development Project”
  • Sebastian Munoz working with Tatiana Joseph: “Exploring Language Opportunities for K-12 Students in Milwaukee County”
  • Nicole Wysocki working with Craig Berg: “Teacher Observation Data Analysis”

School of Freshwater Science

  • Zenab Ali working with Marcia Silva: “Non-invasive Detection of Thin Biofilms in Pipes”
  • Chyla Broxton working with Michael Carvan: “Effects of Metformin on the Neurobehavioral Effects of Pb Exposure”
  • Kevin Hicks working with Marcia Silva: “Developing and Testing a Sensor for Detection of Phosphate in Water”
  • Amy Ressel working with Carmen Aguilar-Diaz: “Phytoplankton Communities and Responses to Climate Change”
  • Autumn Saunders working with Sandra Mclellan: “Nutrient Drivers Of  E. coli Survival”
  • Garrett Scapellato working with Ryan Newton: “Determining the Distribution of the Genus Cloacibacterium in Wastewater”

College of General Studies

  • Helen Bishara working with Phillip Owens: “Cichlid Fish Coloration”

College of Health Sciences

  • Avery Bayer, Julia Egly, and Michael Kneirt working with Scott Strath: “Free Living Activity Calibration”
  • Cassidy Bertagnoli and Jena Burton working with Sabine Heuer: “Image Naming in Older Adults”
  • Adriana Castillo working with Shelley Lund: “Perspectives on Culturally Sustaining Practices for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication”
  • Audrey DeGuzman working with Troy Skwor: “Effect of Sub-Inhibitory Concentrations of Antibiotics on Virulence Phenotypes in Bacteria”
  • Natalie Gustafson working with Jing Yang: “Speech and Sung Vowels of Children with Cochlear Implants”
  • Ben Marano working with Jinsung Wang: “Exploring the Nature of Savings Associated with Visuomotor Adaptation”
  • Daysia Reid working with Samantha Schwartz: “Evaluation of Biomechanics of Children with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome”

College of Letters & Science

  • Jorge Acosta working with Lindsay McHenry: “Lava Tube Interiors as Mineralogical Analogs for the Surface of Venus”
  • Juan Arevalo working with Rachel Bloom-Pojar: “Cuentos de Confianza: A Public Humanities Project with Promotores de Salud”
  • Camryn Arroyo and Cristal Chavez working with Shannon Denney: “Abortion, Religion, and Race”
  • Saisha Birr working with Caitlin Bowman: “Behavioral and Neural Representations of Categories”
  • Emily Braun working with Shannon Freire: “Milwaukee Country Poor Farm Cemetery Project”
  • Dylan Childs working with Dyanna Czeck: “Pathways for Water in Quartz Grains: Exploring Strain Softening along the Willard Thrust Fault”
  • Lautaro Cocher, Paola Lara, Talita Leandro, and Holden Skeels working with Paru Shah: “Gender Differences in Political Communication during COVID-19″
  • Amanda Dahms working with Charles Paradis: “Sorption and Desorption Kinetics of 2-NS Groundwater Tracer”
  • Xhoni Dhamo working with Nicholas Silvaggi: “Structure and Function of ADCSF Enzymes Involved in Aromatic Hydrocarbon Degradation”
  • Luke Didier working with Marcus Britton: “Poverty Deconcentration Goals in Qualified Allocation Plans”
  • Ronita Dua working with Johann Strickler: “Perception Range of the Antennules in Daphnia magna”
  • Kathryne Fogle working with Lindsay McHenry: “Reconstructing Pleistocene Hominid Environments Using Minerals from Paleolake Cores”
  • Patrick Hanks working with Dexuan Xie: “A New Machine Learning Algorithm for Improving Image Classification Accuracy”
  • McKayla Healy and Morgan Stark working with Joseph Walzer: “Whose Land? Settlement, Dispossession and Race in Urban and Rural Wisconsin and New York”
  • Nahomi Hernandez working with Christopher Cantwell: “Gathering Places: Religion and Community in Milwaukee”
  • Eleanor Johnston and Manisha Roy working with Christine Larson: “Neurobiological Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder”
  • Timothy Keating working with Mark Schwartz: “Phenological Observations in Downer Woods”
  • Sadee Kidd working with Christian Young: “Evaluating Conditions for Locating Urban Ecology Centers in New Communities”
  • Bailey Kissack working with Anne Basting: “Increasing Empathy in LTC Using the Arts”
  • Elizabeth Kuhlmann working with Deborah Hannula: “Capture by and Generalization of Learned Fear”
  • Danielle Leider working with Marcellus Merritt: “How Self-Selected Leisure Activities Affect Daily Moods and 24-Hour Sleep-Wake Rhythms”
  • Kirsten Lindemann working with Rafael Rodriguez Sevilla: “Consequences of Hybridization for Mating Signals and Mate Preferences in Enchenopa Treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae)”
  • James Mendez working with Nicholas Silvaggi: “Structural Studies of a Putative Arginase/Agmatinase From Streptomyces griseofuscus”
  • Ian Morley working with James Moyer: “Recording from Neurons II: Fundamentals of Patch-Clamp Neurophysiology”
  • Maddy Moushon working with Tami Williams: “A Moving Image Archive for the Future: Collecting, Preserving, and Exhibiting Film and Media in the Wake of the Pandemic”
  • Shawn Obarski working with Caitlin Bowman: “Confirming a Hunch: Do People Seek Information to Confirm Their Inferences?”
  • Justin Peschman working with Charles Paradis: “Field Testing of Microplastics Sampler for Groundwater”
  • Sabhyata Prakash working with Deborah Hannula: “Time-Course of Attention Capture by Information Stored in Episodic Memory”
  • Autumn Routson working with Dyanna Czeck: “Geometries of Small-Scale Structures Related to the Southern Iberian Shear Zone”
  • Preston Ruh working with Hanyong Park: “The Role of Speech Rate in Second Language Perceptual Training”
  • Julie Schneider working with Dyanna Czeck: “Microscopic Mineral Orientations in Metasedimentary Rocks along the Southern Iberian Shear Zone”
  • Samuel Sellars working with Charles Paradis: “Road Salt Transport from Groundwater to Surface Water in Southeastern Wisconsin”
  • Sana Shakir working with Adam Greenberg: “Analysis of Olfactory Data Reveals Significant Physicochemical Correlations”
  • Sarah Swartwout working with Alexander Arnold: “Large Scale Synthesis of Queuine”
  • Anika Stephanie Tylek working with Alexander Arnold: “Evaluation of In Vitro Toxicity of Novel Ligands for the GABA(A) Receptor”
  • Julia Vogt working with Alexander Arnold: “Synthesis of New Disubstituted Imidazodiazepines as Potential Novel Asthma Agents”
  • Mikayla Walker working with Dyanna Czeck: “Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility across a Small-Scale Shear Zone”
  • Theodore Whitaker working with Julie Bowles: “Environmental Magnetism of the Peoria Loess, Central Indiana”

College of Nursing

  • Hannah Frohlich working with Alexa Anderson: “Examining Health-Related Behaviors in Vulnerable, Marginalized Populations”
  • Sophia Hamdan working with Sandra Millon-Underwood: “Covid-19 Awareness, Understanding, Screening, Support and Empowerment (CAUSSE)”
  • Madeline Haucke working with Barbara Haase: “Safety and Efficacy of Direct Breastfeeding of Premature Infants”
  • Nicholas Urban-Michalak working with Murad Taani: “Achieving Better Lung Health”

Zilber School of Public Health

  • Denice Benitez working with Todd Miller: “Analysis of Algal Toxins in Juice Beverages”
  • Brenda Castellanos and Shayla Rubbani working with Keith Dookeran: “A Multi-Campus Collaboration for Participatory and Inclusive Sexual Violence Prevention Research in Wisconsin’
  • Phoebe Troeller working with Keith Dookeran: “Evaluation of National Trends in the Risk for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome by Race and Ethnicity United States 2006-2019″