In January, 2019 the Office of Undergraduate Research announced 133 SURF Awards for the Spring Semester and Academic Year. Congratulations to all!

School of Architecture & Urban Planning

  • Maysam Abdeljaber, Destiny Brady, Armand Gamboa, and Preston Pape working with Arijit Sen: “Taking Back Neighborhoods: Conversations around Place in Milwaukee”
  • Janelle Berrun working with Mo Zell: “(Un)Making the Museum- Translating Design into Peer Reviewed Paper”
  • Jordan Felber working with Sebastian Schmaling: “The Making of an Architectural Book: Projects and Processes from the Fitzhugh Scott Design Studios 2015-2018”
  • Mark Richter working with Brian Shermer: “Measuring Discoverability Through 3D Visibility Graph Analysis”
  • Kelsey Robinson working with Mark Keane: “”
  • Maxwell Rodencal working with Alexander Timmer: “Building Physics: Simulation, Visualization, and Design”
  • Steven Tolle working with Mo Zell: “(Un)Making the Museum- Translating Design into Peer Reviewed Paper”

Peck School of the Arts

  • Samantha Pearson working with Jessica Meuninck-Ganger: “Mentors, Masters, and Making: A study in traditional South Asian printmaking techniques applied to CNC technologies”
  • Isaac Repinski and Nia Keranova working with John Stropes: “Comprehensive Analysis of the Performance of Finger-Style Guitarists at the 1969 and 1970 Ann Arbor Blues Festivals”

Lubar School of Business

  • Annika Gogan working with Colleen Boland: “The Audit Committee and Financial Reporting Quality”
  • Gabriel Perez working with Romila Singh

College of Engineering & Applied Science

  • Adedamola Adeniyi working with Zhi Zheng: “Hardware-Software Interface Design for Virtual Reality Applications”
  • Daniel Gomez Cazares working with Xiaoli Ma: “Nanoporous Adsorbents for Water Purification”
  • Haley Collins working with Zhi Zheng: “Humanoid Robot Motion Design”
  • Lisa Collins working with Zhi Zheng: “Humanoid Robot Motion and Speech Synchronization”
  • Lukas Guillien working with Ryo Amano: “Wind Turbine Research”
  • Gracia Kalongo working with Zhi Zheng: “Galvanic Skin Respnse Signal Acquisition and Processing for Effective Computing”
  • Andrew Krill working with Weizhong Wang: “Testing of FPGA Based Network Edge Node Secure Key Management System”
  • Yuting Lin working with Nikolai Kouklin: “CVD Based Synthesis and Characterization of TiS2 2D Crystals”
  • Malhotra Madhur working with Ryo Amano: “Design of Cooling Device Using Impingement Jet Cooling”
  • Kathryn Pecha working with Wilkistar Otieno: “Assessing the Remanufacturability of Control Drives”
  • Sherissa Popp Goskowicz working with Ryo Amano: “Solid Rocket Motor Converging-Diverging Supersonic Flow Study, Gas Turbine Engine Study”
  • Andrew Rohlwing working with Nidal Abu-Zahra: “A Comprehensive Analysis on Carbon Fiber Composite Production, Recycling and Remanufacturing”
  • Matthew Rohr working with Ramin Pashaie: “Design of, and Neurovascular Characterization Using Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging, Multispectral Imaging, and Optogenetic Stimulation”
  • Hayley Sentz working with Deyang Qu: “The Investigation and Design of Zinc-Air flow Batteries with Automatic Control Systems”
  • Rebecca Van Thiel working with Kevin Renken

School of Education

  • Alexandra Campos working with Leanne Evans: “An Examination of Teachers’ Experiences in the Development and Implementation of a Home-School Literacy Program in Classrooms of Young Emergent Bilingual Learners”
  • Maria Ortiz working with Candance Doerr-Stevens: “Multiliteracies, Languages, and Culture Library Research Project”

College of Health Sciences

  • Danielle Hobach and Vanessa Bravo working with Bhagwant Sindhu: “A Feasibility Study of Using ‘Headspace’ for Mindfulness Among Individuals Undergoing Surgical Repair of the Rotator Cuff”
  • Matthew Fox working with Alyssa Schnorenberg: “MatLab Program and GUI for Report Generation and Graphical Display of Biomechanical Data”
  • Samantha Kohnle working with Alyssa Schnorenber: “Shoulder Joint Biomechanics during ADLs and Reaching Tasks Preoperative and Postoperative Supraspinatus Repair”
  • Katherine Malek working with Sabine Heuer: “How to Motivate Future Healthcare Professionals to Work with Persons with Dementia”
  • Ashley Trapp working with David Osmon: “Explicit and Implicit Aspects of Dietary Behavior”

School of Freshwater Science

  • Matthew Ryther working with Russell Cuhel: “Elemental Compsition of Animal Components of Lake Michigan Food Webs”

College of Letters & Science

  • Lauren Andrews working with Lonel Popa: “A Flourescence Method to Study the Mechanical Unfolding of Proteins”
  • Maggie Babcock, Pilar Olvera, and Dominique Wilkerson working with Vicki Bott: “M-Cubed: Studying the Transition Experience from MPS to MATC”
  • Hailey Backus working with Robin Pickering-Iazzi: “Dead Silence: Life Stories of Girls and Women Killed by the Italian Mafias, 1878-2018”
  • Erick Bernal working with Krista Lisdahl: “Gender Differences on Structural Effects of Binge Drinking on the Hippocampus of Adolescents & Young Adults”
  • Andrew Beszhak working with Alan Schwabacher: “Chemosensor Design and Preparation”
  • Emily Daley working with Amanda Seligman: “Community-Based Organizations in the Encyclopedia of Milwaukee”
  • Lukas Dommer working with Krista Lisdahl: “Do Mood, Sleep, and Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms Improve with Abstinence in Adolescents and Young Adults?”
  • Cassandra Doolittle working with Adam Greenberg: “Auditory Object Perception and Music Training”
  • Sundance Duchow working with Erin Parcell: “The Gun Violence Project: Narratives of Violence in Milwaukee”
  • Roberto Garza working with Taisik Hwang
  • Elizabeth George, Amber Joshway, Aaron Meyer, and Emily Wallander working with Paru Shah: “The Under-representation of Women and Candidates of Color in 2018 State Legislative Elections”
  • Sanjna Girdhar working with Lonel Popa: “A new Protein Construct to Tag Antibodies”
  • AnnDee Johnson working with Adam Greenberg: “Object-Based Attention in the Auditory Domain”
  • Anna Kaminski working with Clark Evans: “A Climatology of Atmospheric Rivers in the Northeastern United States”
  • Alex Kehoe working with Alexander Arnold: “Investigation of CNS Effects, Immunotoxicity and Cardiotoxicity of Novel Imidazobenzodiazepines”
  • Nathan Kohls working with Peter Hinow: “Deep Learning in Ecological Pattern Recognition”
  • Amberly Krause working with Christine Larson: “Neural Correlates of Cognition and Emotion”
  • Lexie Lanphere working with Joseph H. Aldstadt: “Development of Novel Analytical Methods for Fentanyls in Forensic Samples”
  • Mariah Linske working with James Moyer: “Mechanisms of Learning in the Aging Brain”
  • Lori Martello working with Alvaro Rios: “Dramaturgical Research for Arthur Miller’s All My Sons
  • Sofia Mattson working with Christine Larson
  • Brandon Mikulsky working with Alexander Arnold
  • Alex Moxon working with Paul Roebber: “Using Agent-based Modeling to Investigate the Emergent Properties of Storm Chasers”
  • Austen Norberg working with Julie Oliver: “Quantifying the Fibrin Network Structure of Clots Using the Penetration of Colloidal Carbon Black (India Ink)”
  • Kelsey O’Hara working with Rafael Rodriguez
  • Mirko Pavlovic working with Lonel Popa: “Mathematical Modeling of the Mechanical Response of GFP Inside Protein Hydrogels”
  • Spencer Pier working with Erin Parcell: “Long Distance and Geographically Close Relationships”
  • Bronwen Risse-Connolly working with Rachel Buff: “Documenting Deportation”
  • Riley Rockford working with David Pacifico: “Casma Hinterland Archaeological Project- Mapping from Satellite Images”
  • Aimee Roekle working with Jae Yung Song: “Production and Perception of English Vowels by Second-language Learners”
  • Fitore Rrahmani working with Johann Strickler: “Laser Holography Imaging and Reconstruction with Oceanic Zooplankton”
  • Giorgio Sarro working with Clark Evans: “An Investigation of Intensity, Structural, and Timing Extremes for Tropical Cyclones that become Extratropical”
  • Sara Seidita working with Rafael Rodriguez: “Testing the Choosiness of Female Treehoppers throughout Her Mating Season”
  • Morganne Sendek working with Christine Larson: “The Impact of Trauma on the Brain”
  • Rachel Slaby working with Shama Mirza: “Efficacy of Acid Ceramidase Inhibitors as Potential Therapeutic Targets in Human Glioblastoma”
  • Marina Slawinski working with Lonel Popa: “The Effect of Solvent on the Nano-structure of Protein Hydrogels”
  • Nathan Tennies working with Filipe Alberto: “Ranking Bull Kelp Sites on their Conservation Interest Using Connectivity and Species Distribution Models”
  • Erin VandenBosch working with Adam Greenberg: “Visual Field Meridian Enhancement and Object-based Attention”
  • Daniel Webb working with Alexander Arnold: “Synthesis of Novel Compounds to Study Expression and Localization of the Vitamin D Receptor”
  • Justin de Wees working with Sarah Patch
  • Brian Weiss working with Barry Cameron
  • Christine Wiese working with Rafael Rodriguez: “Social Hybrids and Speciation in Enchenopa Treehoppers”
  • Hailey Wirtz working with Krista Lisdahl: “The Relationship Between Body Fat Distribution and Cognition in Adolescents and Young Adults”
  • Nathaniel Wojcicki working with Mark Schwartz: “Phenological Observations in Downer Woods”
  • Maixee Yang working with Shama Mirza: “Development of LC-MS/MS Method for the Determination of ARN 14988 in Rat Plasma and its Application on Pharmacokinetices Studies”

College of Nursing

  • Holly Hough working with Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu
  • Skyler Longhini working with Seok Hyun Gwon: “A Missing Piece in Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) Use: Attentional bias to ENDS cues among young adult ENDS users”
  • Daniel Wells working with Murad Taani: “Factors Associated with Reduced Muscle Strength and Function in Continuing Care Retirement Community Residents.”

Zilber School of Public Health

  • Elizabeth Sealey working with Paul Florsheim: “Evaluating Parents’ Perceptives on Mental Health Services for Children in Disadvantaged Communities”

College of General Studies, UW-Milwaukee at Waukesha

  • Maximillian Geis working with Teresa Schueller: “Silphium Gall-wasp Emergence Patterns in a Restored Prairie”
  • Cierra Stessl working with Gregg Jamison