Wisconsin Nonprofit Compensation & Benefits Survey

Wisconsin’s nonprofit sector plays a critical role in the health and vibrancy of Wisconsin communities. We know that many who work in the nonprofit sector do so for the love and passion of a specific cause. Along with the Institute for Nonprofit Management Studies at UW-Whitewater, the Helen Bader Institute (HBI) for Nonprofit Management at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee firmly believes that nonprofit employees should be appropriately compensated for the great work they do in making a positive difference in the lives of Wisconsin residents.

Information about employee compensation and benefits is one of the top requests we get at HBI. Based on these requests, we acknowledge that last year’s crises have made considerable impacts on nonprofits regarding compensation and benefits. In response to your needs, we are launching this survey to provide timely and relevant information – focused on nonprofits.

With that, our Wisconsin Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Survey will be distributed May 3 – June 25, 2021, to nonprofits throughout Wisconsin. The subsequent report will provide nonprofits with valuable compensation and benefits data to inform their organizations and employees’ critical decisions. Nonprofits that participate in the forthcoming survey will receive a free copy of the report.
Why is this survey critical?
  • Your organization’s employees are its greatest asset. How you compensate your most significant asset impacts your organization’s overall performance.
  • This survey is key to evaluating your organization’s compensation and benefits strategy to help attract and retain the best talent.
What can I do to prepare?
When will the report be published?
  • The Compensation & Benefits Survey Report is scheduled for release in Fall 2021.
Is this survey confidential?
We will anonymize all data for reporting purposes. Any organizational identifiers will be kept separate from sensitive information. We will only use data and to:
  • help screen for duplicates.
  • determine whether or not your organization will receive a free copy of the subsequent report.