As part of its research mission to advance knowledge about nonprofit management and the nonprofit sector, the Helen Bader Institute is committed to building a community of scholarship by providing funding for faculty and practitioner research across a range of disciplines, sponsoring colloquia, hosting scholars from around the country, and studies commissioning on issues of vital interest to Wisconsin’s nonprofit sector.

The goals of HBI’s research programs are:


To encourage faculty at UWM and community scholars to bring their expertise to the study of nonprofit management and the nonrpofit sector, and to produce reports and findings that can advance both scholarship and practice.

Scholarly Exchange

To provide opportunities for scholarly exchange among faculty, students and community practitioners, and to provide exposure to the ideas and thinking of scholars with national standing.

Student Learning

To promote graduate student learning about nonprofit management and the nonprofit sector, through participation in research seminars or actual research opportunities.

Community Application and Involvement

To promote mutual learning and respect between academic scholars and the nonprofit community so that real-world problems can be understood and addressed in partnership.