Colloquium Series

The Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management invites all interested UWM faculty, students, and community members to attend the HBI Colloquium series, which meets on the UWM campus several times per semester.

Presenters at the HBI Colloquium are UWM faculty, UWM Ph.D. students, or invited speakers involved in research focusing on a broad array of topics related to nonprofit and civil society studies. The colloquium is an opportunity for academics and practitioners to get together to hear about and engage in critical conversations on essential issues impacting our community and the nonprofit sector at large.

Please note that our Research Colloquium Series is free to the public.

Colloquia …

  • HBI Fall Virtual Colloquium - Join the Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management for our Fall 2021 Virtual Research Colloquium. See below for more information. Moving Beyond Transactions: A Qualitative Look at the Characteristics of Transformational Relationships Leveraged by Nonprofit Staff in Their Work in... Read More
  • Summer 2022 Colloquium Series - Reassessing Nonprofit Capacities and Leadership During the COVID-19 Crisis Many nonprofits have expressed concerns that an extended period of revenue uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and a significant change in operations required to sustain services during the pandemic jeopardizes nonprofits’ ability... Read More