Colloquium Series

The Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management invites all interested UWM faculty, students and community members to attend the HBI Colloquium series, which meets on the UWM campus several times per semester.

Presenters at the HBI Colloquium are UWM faculty, UWM Ph.D. students or invited speakers involved in research focusing on a broad array of topics related to nonprofit and civil society studies. The colloquium is an opportunity for academics and practitioners to get together to hear about and engage in critical conversations on essential issues impacting our community and nonprofit sector at large.

Please note that our Research Colloquium Series is free to the public. No advance registration is required.

Colloquia …

  • Potential Conflict of Interest – or of Benefit? - Due to concerns about the possible exploitation of nonprofit status for the benefit of individuals, the IRS added new disclosures in 2005 and 2008 asking nonprofit organizations to disclose the existence of family and business relationships among board members.
  • Neighborhood House: Managing Mission and Uncertainty in the Civil Rights Era - Neighborhood House, established in 1909, was the first social service organization in the young industrial city of Gary, Indiana, and one of four settlement houses that developed in Gary during the Progressive era. As Gary matured into a major city, economically and politically driven by the steel industry and rife with racial segregation, crime, and labor struggles, Neighborhood House adapted to meet the changing needs and resources within its environment.
  • Board Development Practices on Public Versus Nonprofit School Boards: Is There a Difference? - October 30, 2017 - 5:00-6:00pm
    Governing boards are a critical asset for every public and nonprofit organization. Scholars have found that effective boards are associated with organizations that tend to perform better than those with ineffective boards, in the public and nonprofit sectors.