States of COVID-19: Synthesis of State-level Nonprofit Reports on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 is hard to overstate as all facets of life and work seem to be touched by either the effects of the pandemic itself or precautions related to it. The nonprofit sector is not immune to these effects, and although the pandemic is still ongoing, evidence is compiling about the nature and magnitude of these impacts.

Starting in spring 2020, various nonprofit associations and entities initiated the documentation of the pandemic’s effects on state and local nonprofit sectors as well as individual organizations using survey research. A collection of researchers from around the US have identified 68 reports from these sources.

Each of these reports describes localized impacts, but as a team of researchers interested in how the pandemic is affecting the nonprofit’s workforce, they have looked to these reports for their descriptive richness. In the following summarization, you will find common themes and findings from the identified 68 reports.

Synthesis Report of State COVID Reports