Gerlinde Höbel

Associate Professor, Graduate Representative
Biological Sciences


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2003-2006
  • Dr. rer. nat. University of Ulm, Germany, 2003


Research Interests

I am interested in the behavioral ecology of anurans, with special focus on communication, social interactions and sexual selection. Most of my research deals with adaptations to communicate in complex and dynamic environments (such as a frog chorus), and with the effects of social interactions on communication behavior. For additional information about research in my lab, including information for graduate and undergraduate research, please see my webpage.

Selected Publications

Rodriguez Sevilla, Rafael L., Boughman, Janette W., Gray, David A., Hebets, Eileen A., Höbel, Gerlinde, and Symes, Laurel B.“Diversification under sexual selection: the relative roles of mate preference strength and the degree of divergence in mate preferences” Ecology Letters16. (2013): 964-974.
Höbel, Gerlinde, and Kolodziej, Robb C.“Wood frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus) use water surface waves in their reproductive behaviour” Behaviour150.5 (2013): 471-483.
Höbel, Gerlinde. “Variation in Signal Timing Behavior: Implication for Male Attractiveness and Sexual Selection” Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology65.6 (2011): 1283-1294.
Höbel, Gerlinde. “Interaction between signal position and signal feature preferences: causes and implications for sexual selection” Animal Behaviour79.6 (2010): 1257-1266.
Pröhl, Heike, Hagemann, S., Karsch, J., and Höbel, Gerlinde. “Geographic variation in male sexual signals in Strawberry poison frogs (Dendrobates pumilio)” Ethology113.9 (2007): 825-837.
Höbel, Gerlinde, and Gerhardt, H. C.“Reproductive character displacement in the acoustic communication system of green tree frogs (Hyla cinerea)” Evolution57.4 (2003): 894-904.