Additional Program Requirements

Language/Data Analysis Proficiency

The student must demonstrate proficiency in either a foreign language or in data analysis.

  1. Data Analysis Option

The student can demonstrate proficiency in data analysis by presenting 12 credits at the 200 level or above in any combination of mathematics, statistics or computer science courses, including courses taken as an undergraduate.

  1. Foreign Language Option

Foreign language proficiency can be demonstrated by formal coursework (e.g., 12 college credits of a single language), by satisfactory completion of the appropriate ETS language proficiency examination (e.g., 50th percentile or greater), or by satisfactory completion of a timed translation of a scientific paper(s). The student’s Ph.D. Advisory Committee in consultation with the student and the appropriate Language Department determine the appropriate alternative.

Annual Progress Report

Students must file a signed Annual Progress Report by June 1st every year of their tenure in the Biological Sciences Graduate Program. The student, major professor and all members of the Ph.D. Advisory Committee are all required to sign the Report, and all have the opportunity to make comments on the Report. Students must file these yearly Reports with the Biological Sciences Graduate Program Director.

Students who do not file a completed Annual Progress Report in any year are not making satisfactory progress and will become ineligible for departmental aid and University-wide financial aid (RAs, PAs, TAs, Fellowships) and risk dismissal from the Biological Sciences Graduate Program.