Wang, Ying
yingwang@uwm.eduMitchell Hall 151B

Wang, Ying

Associate Professor, Asian Art and Bronze Age China


  • PhD, History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh, 2000
  • MA, Art History, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, 1990
  • BA, Art History, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, 1985

Research & Teaching Interests

  • Pilgrimage of Tibet
  • Bronze Age arts and culture of China

Courses Taught

  • ArtHist 105: Art and Architecture of Asia
  • ArtHist 192: Hidden Dragon—Image and Meaning in Chinese Art
  • ArtHist 281: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art
  • ArtHist 382: Art and Architecture of China
  • ArtHist 383: Japanese Art and Architecture
  • ArtHist 386: Art, Ritual, Ethnicity of China
  • ArtHist 387: Buddhist Art and Architecture
  • ArtHist 480: Chinese Painting
  • ArtHist 481: Topics in Chinese Art--Arts of Modern and Contemporary China and Its Cultural Heritage.
  • Art of Intellectuals of Ancient and Contemporary China. Art along the Silk Road. Religious Arts of China
  • ArtHist 770: Bronze Age Art and Culture of China and Northeast Asia
  • ArtHist 770: Arts and Problems of the Trans-Himalayas

Selected Publications


“Thog-Icag, Search for the cultural origins of the Tibetan Bronze artwork,” Remembrances of Li Xueqin. ed. Research and Conservation Center for Excavated Texts, Tsinghua University. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2021. 479-502\

“The crucial change: comparison between the silk textile of Mawangdui and early silk production ---the relationship of silk production and royal control viewed from the bone spatula of the late Shang Dynasty,” Proceedings of the International Symposium Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Excavation of the Han Tombs at Mawangdui. Ed., Hunan Museum. Changsha: Yuelu Publishing House, 2017, 666-677.

“The Cloud Brocade and Yangzhou.” The 11th Biennial Symposium, Textile Society of America. Textile Society of America, (2010): CD form.

Book Editing

Wang, Ying, ed., “Introduction”, Bronze Age China, Style and Material. Cambridge Scholars Publisher. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010.

The Jade Collection of the Tianjing Art Museum. With an introduction by Guoqiang Li and Bingjun Liu. Hong Kong & Beijing: Liangmu Press of Dayie Cop. & Wenwu Press, 1993.

Editorial Team Member

The Great Treasures of Chinese Bronze Art, 16 vols. Li Xueqing, Ma Chengyuan, editors-in-chiefBeijing: Wenwu Press, 1990-1997.


Connoisseurship of Ancient Chinese Painting.  Guilin: Lijiang Press, 1995 (In Chinese)