A Few Reminders for All Students:

  • Accommodation selections must be made each semester. View Request Accommodations in ARConnect Tip Sheet (PDF) or Video Tutorial.
  • Log into ARConnect to select your accommodations at least two weeks before the semester start date.
  • After accommodation notices (Faculty Notification Letters) are emailed to your instructors, follow up with a personal email or an individual meeting. Introduce yourself and ask if your instructor(s) have any questions about the accommodations.

Students eligible for Alternative Formats (E-Text)

  1. Search the Accessible Textbook Finder (ATF) for an accessible format of your textbook. ATF searches Bookshare, Louis Database, National Library Service, Open Library, Project Gutenberg, RedShelf, and VitalSource for accessible formats that may include audio, Braille, eBook, ePUB, or Microsoft Word.
  2. If you cannot find an accessible format, request alternate formats of inaccessible textbooks in ARConnect. View Tip Sheet: Request a Textbook in an Alternate Format (PDF) or View Video: Requesting Alternative Formats.
  3. Upload proof of purchase or rental of textbook.
  4. Use Read&Write for Mac or Windows to convert inaccessible PDFs. View Read&Write installation instructions, tips and reference guides
  5. Use the Read&Write Toolbar for reading text aloud. Refer back to the Read&Write information mentioned in #4 above.
  6. If a PDF is still unreadable after using Read&Write, request an alternate format through ARConnect. Refer back to the Tip Sheet or Video Tutorial mentioned in #2 above.

Students eligible for Alternative Testing

  1. When choosing Alternative Testing as an accommodation in a class, note that only the general Alternative Testing option is available for selection in ARConnect. You can select specific individual testing accommodations when you schedule individual tests in ARConnect.
  2. Your instructor will receive detailed information about approved testing accommodations in the Faculty Notification Letter. If you are taking an online course and you are eligible for additional test time, talk to your professor about how this will be provided.
  3. Before you can schedule a test in ARConnect, ARC must receive an Alternative Testing Agreement from your instructor. The instructor can link to the agreement from the Faculty Notification Letter or can complete the agreement in PROFconnect.
  4. Remember, regular tests administered in ARC during the semester must be scheduled 5 or more working days (Mon.-Fri.) before the test date. Final exams administered in ARC and exams scheduled during the final exam period must be scheduled 10 or more working days (Mon.-Fri.) before the last day of the semester.
  5. To ensure that your tests are scheduled in a timely manner, consider scheduling all tests at the beginning of the semester when the course calendar and syllabus are available.

Students eligible for Assistive Technology

  1. Determine your need for assistive technology in each classroom.
  2. Determine your need for a table where you can place any assistive technology equipment.
  3. To request assistive technology for a specific class and classroom, email the Assistive Technology Coordinator.

Students eligible for Peer Notetaking Services

  1. Carefully consider the need for a notetaker before making a request.
  2. Ask your instructor to recommend someone as a notetaker or ask a classmate to be a notetaker.
  3. Inform your Access Specialist immediately if you do not receive notes within 24-hours after class ends or if there are any concerns with the quality of the notes.

Students eligible for Notetaking Tools

Students eligible for Real-Time Captioning and Sign Language Interpreting

If you plan to use real-time captioning or sign language interpreting, it is important to request those accommodations as soon as possible. Touch base with your Access Specialist to review accommodation needs and deadlines for the upcoming semester.