Attention Difficulties

Students with longstanding difficulties in sustaining attention may notice significantly increased impairment in the college setting. Students may be evaluated for Attention Deficit Disorder by a private psychiatrist through the student’s health insurance or student’s may have a psychological evaluation conducted by a private psychologist or through one of these resources:

Learning Difficulties

Students with longstanding learning difficulties may notice a more significant impact on academic performance at the college level. The following resources are available for a complete learning disability evaluation. In addition to these resources, students may choose to see a private psychologist or neuropsychologist for an evaluation.

  • The UWM College Student Learning Disability Clinic: Check their website frequently for updates on when they are open for accepting appointments. Then, email to begin the process of requesting an appointment for a psychoeducational evaluation. Do not include confidential information in your email communication. If you find they are closed to appointments, they do offer access to a Community Referral Database if you have a UWM email address.
  • Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology
  • Marquette University Center for Psychological Services

Mental Health Concerns

Students with mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or drug and alcohol problems can have these conditions evaluated at the Student Health and Wellness Center.