Read&Write is an award-winning literacy software designed in line with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles. UWM faculty, staff, and students can install and use Read&Write software at no personal cost.

With Read&Write, users can:

  • Convert inaccessible text to accessible text through the optical character recognition (OCR) process.
  • Record and save short audio files, insert audio files into Word as a comment or directly into the Word document.
  • Create vocabulary lists with images and dictionary definitions that can be read out loud.
  • Use color highlighters to select text for summarizing and categorizing in a new Word document.
  • Simultaneously read and listen to text being read out loud with dual color highlighting.
  • Improve focus with screen masking and tinting.
  • Listen to articles and other readings by converting the text into an MP3 audio file.
  • Scan paper documents and convert to accessible PDF or Word formats.
  • Utilize an advanced spellchecker and word prediction.

Install Read&Write

Install extensions for browsers and software for laptops from Texthelp Read&Write for Education. Click on the Try Read&Write button. Login with your UWM ePanther ID and password to access premium features.

Read&Write Resources

Read&Write Learning & User Resources
Link to reference guides, training guides, user guides, and support videos.

Read&Write Reading & Study Strategies

Link to YouTube videos describing how to use Read&Write to support reading and study strategies for higher education students.


Morphic is a free download that works with your computer’s accessibility settings. With Morphic, you can easily access settings to zoom in on text, read short passages aloud, change the screen contrast, and more.

Morphic is installed on computers in all campus computer labs, and can be installed for free on a mac or a PC computer.