Reenen Biddulph

Operations Program Associate
Academic Affairs

Reenen joined the Division of Academic Affairs at UWM in May 2014 and serves as an Operations Program Associate. His duties include organizing retreats for Campus Strategic Planning; coordinating and scheduling meetings and training such as the orientation for the new Deans and other new senior colleagues. He is involved in Strategic Planning conference planning; recording meeting minutes for Campus Strategic Planning meetings as well as the Chancellor’s Enrollment Management Action Team (CEMAT) and coordinating catering services and AV equipment for these and various other meetings and retreats. He is responsible for the scheduling and preparation of agendas for meetings such as the Academic Leadership Council (ALC) meetings and Deans’ Morning Meetings, also involved in support for Search and Screen and other committees.

He obtained a BA Political Science degree at the University of Pretoria in 1990 and became a certified polygraphist in 1998 through Atlanta GA based Argenbright International School of Polygraph.

Reenen spent 8 years in the South African Air Force (SAAF) as a Senior Operations and Intelligence Assistant, followed by 17 years in the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) as a Senior Agent Handler, after which he moved to the US in 2008.