If you are a current or new student to UWM and have a documented disability, the Accessibility Resource Center can help you apply for accommodations for academics and university housing.

Academic Accommodations

UWM students — full time or part time and at any point during their college career — may apply for academic accommodations. An ePanther ID and password is required to submit this application.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying to have an Assistance Animal (emotional support animal) with you in the dorms, please go to Housing Accommodations below and complete that application.

You will be able to upload documentation while filling out the application. You may also submit documentation by email to archelp@uwm.edu or by fax at 414-229-2237. View Documentation Guidelines.

NOTE: The application process may time out after 15 minutes of inactivity, so it is best to complete all the questions in one sitting.

  • Once an application is submitted, students will receive an email in their UWM account from an Access Specialist within 3 business days, requesting additional documentation if needed or scheduling an initial appointment.
  • Students should plan for this initial meeting to take up to 60 minutes.
  • View the Academic Accommodations Request Process in text or visual form.

Housing Accommodations

Students living on the UWM campus may also request accommodations for university housing. An ePantherID and password are required to complete this application as well. View the Documentation Guidelines for information on documentation for university housing accommodation requests. Please note: While the Housing Committee meets weekly, we will not be reviewing applications for Fall 2024 until the Spring 2024 applicants have been reviewed and completed.

  • Once received, applications are reviewed by the Housing Accommodation Review Committee. If the committee requests additional information to support an accommodation, students will be notified through their UWM email.
  • If a Housing Accommodation Request is approved or denied, students will be notified through their UWM email from University Housing. If approved, students also may receive additional information relevant to a specific accommodation.
  • View the Housing Accommodation Request Process in text or in visual form.
If you do not have a UWM email, please complete the Accommodations Information Request Form.

If you are a current or new student who may benefit from disability accommodations but are not sure, please refer to this list of Resources for Undiagnosed Students.

Dual Enrollment Accommodations

When a student is accepted into a dual enrollment program provided by UWM, the student, in collaboration with the K-12 school district, must contact the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) in order to formally request services and provide the necessary disability-related documentation.

Once the Dual Enrollment Accommodations Form is completed, and disability documentation has been submitted, a UWM ARC Access Specialist will create an ARConnect profile for the student. Once an Accommodation Plan has been created, the instructor will be notified, via email, of accommodations for the student in the course.