When a student is accepted into a dual enrollment program provided by UWM, the student, in collaboration with the K-12 school district, must contact the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) in order to formally request services and provide the necessary disability-related documentation.

Once the Dual Enrollment Accommodations Form is completed, and disability documentation has been submitted, a UWM ARC Access Specialist will create an ARConnect profile for the student. Once an Accommodation Plan has been created, the instructor will be notified, via email, of accommodations for the student in the course.

College credits earned through a dual enrollment option become part of a student’s college transcript and may be transferable to other colleges. For that reason, a course taken for college credit must maintain the integrity of and fidelity of college-level work. The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) supports the right of all enrolled students to a full and equal educational opportunity. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Wisconsin State Statute (36.12) requires that students with disabilities be reasonably accommodated in instruction and campus life. Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities are a shared faculty and student responsibility. However, ARC will not provide modifications if the modifications would alter the essential elements of a course. It is possible that accommodations available to a student in the high school setting will not be allowed in college-level courses.

Students must work with UWM’s Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) to establish an Accommodation Plan for any dual-enrolled course. Students, or their high school teacher, should start by completing the Dual Enrollment Accommodations Form below. Instructors will work either directly with students or in coordination with the UWM ARC to provide reasonable academic accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the accommodations listed in the student’s IEP/504 Plan automatically apply to college classes?

No. The IEP/504 plan does not continue to college or the workplace. Some accommodations provided at the high school may be appropriate at the college level; however, the ARC staff member will review a student’s accommodation request and disability-related documentation to determine if the requested accommodation is reasonable for the dual enrollment course in which the student is currently enrolled.

Is a student with a disability held to the same grade and behavior requirements as other students?

Yes. All high school students taking classes at UWM are to follow the Student Handbook, including Student Conduct and other pertinent policies and procedures.

How soon should the student or K-12 School District contact a college where the student will be attending as part of a dual enrollment program? 

Immediately. As soon as a high school student with a disability considers a dual enrollment program. Contacting the ARC soon will ensure that the student and the K-12 school district have the necessary information about disability support services at the postsecondary level. Retroactive accommodations are not possible. For example, suppose a student has an approved accommodation of extra test-taking time. In that case, the instructor must receive the Accommodation Plan before extra time can be given for the exam or quiz.

Once graduating High School, do any approved accommodations from a dual enrollment program apply to college courses?

No. Once a student has graduated from high school, they must apply for accommodations as a college student at UWM. College students at UWM can Apply for Academic Accommodations with the Accessibility Resource Center. 

Dual Enrollment Accommodation Form

  • Student Information

  • Enter first name, then last name
  • Enter preferred name (optional)
  • Enter date of birth in 2-digit month, 2-digit day, and 4-digit year
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Select gender you identify with: female, male, not specified
  • Enter phone number in 10 digit format
  • Enter email address
  • Type your answer in box below
  • Select which semester: Fall (September to December), Spring (January to May), Winterim, Summer
  • Drop files here or
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    • Parent/Guardian Information

    • Enter first name, then last name of your parent or guardian
    • Enter phone number in 10-digit format
    • Enter email address
    • High School Information

    • Enter first name, then last name of your guidance counselor or teacher
    • Guidance Counselor or Teacher
    • Select the title of the person above: Guidance Counselor or Teacher
    • Enter the phone number of the person above, in a 10-digit format
    • Enter the email address of the person above